Best FPS ever

Is Goldeneye the best FPS ever?

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GIQUE out with us and share.

Here’s the time of the week where I like to go all nostalgic, often for no reason at all. This time it’s Goldeneye, James Bond, and the N64.

Ah, happy days. The only other FPS I had played up until this point was Turok, which was a pretty fantastic game in itself from memory. No doubt if I played it now it would infuriate the hell out of me, but in it’s day I must have spent a good whole Summer on that dinosaur hunting bonanza.

Goldeneye was next on the list, and I think I speak for everyone when I say it rocked my world. I mean, what a first level! Playing initially on the beginners level it was simply a case of taking out a couple of guards, opening a few doors etc etc but then you jumped off the dam and then it just got better and better!

Being a big fan of the film helped. The game made me relive the movie, placed me in the centre stage, and expanded on the film. This, to me, is how all games based on movies should be. It’s just a shame that none have really been done as well as Goldeneye… that I can think of anyway.

So, I thought it was about time to reminisce about the best parts of this game.

  • The golden gun. If you knew how to use this (and didn’t miss first time) then you owned multiplayer. The only problem was when there was more than one person to deal with.
  • The train level. Full of boxes and carriage upon carriage of Trevelyan’s goons.
  • Always choosing OddJob in Multiplayer… if you were savvy. Such a short guy, you practically had to crouch to hit him.
  • Struggling to beat The Facility on 00 Agent level (I really wanted that invincibility cheat).
  • Throwing knives.
  • Planting proximity mines.
  • Playing slappers only.
  • Kicking Trevelyan off the cradle.
  • Trying to defend Natalya was so tough.

Goldeneye, for my money, really set the standard for FPS’s to come. For me, the best part was when you increased the difficulty and had to be a lot more spy…ish. It taught me to take cover, to reload when you could and to aim for the head.

Source: Source:

18 years later and Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield etc etc. It’s all been a bit of a breeze really, just following the same process.

If only the re-work had maintained it’s magic. Anyway, catch you later*

*Runs off to cash converters to pick up an N64….


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