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Are We Getting Too Much Star Wars?

This week Disney announced development for a brand-new Star Wars Trilogy to be helmed by The Last Jedi Director Rian Johnson.

Many fans such as myself expected Rian Johnson to direct Episode IX after Colin Trevorrow left the helm, however Disney announced JJ Abrams to direct which puzzled all of us. Rian Johnson is arguably a better filmmaker than JJ “Lens Flare” Abrams.

Why wouldn’t Disney let him direct Episode IX?

Well know we know because he gets to write and direct not just one but THREE brand new episodes. After the initial hype had died down I started questioning Disney’s decision. Not the decision of giving full freedom to Johnson, I’m all for that, but for the amount of Star Wars we are getting.

Star Wars films are a supposed to be a tradition and we might be in danger of fatigue.

The Original Trilogy and the Prequels had two to three years between each release and the build up to each film was a world-wide event. Disney have decided to release a new Star Wars film every year however they may start releasing TWO films per year. On top of that add a TV show, an entire new trilogy to the exisiting one and the stand alone films, there is PLENTY of Star Wars to go around. Fanboys will be fanboys but there is a serious possibility of turning off the mass audience by throwing this much Star Wars at their faces. The films may start to lose their appeal if they are being churned out like a factory churns out shoes

The Disney monopoly is in full-force (pun intended), Disney are milking every last drop of out of the franchise which I bet is making George Lucas very upset. In fact, in one interview he even referred to Disney as “White Slavers” YIKES! I love Star Wars as much as the next fanboy but Disney are treating the franchise like a cash cow and it is serious danger of losing its appeal. However there is a solution to this problem.

Star Wars
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Disney should learn from the success behind the Marvel Films

Disney have found success with this formula already. Each year we get two Marvel films and they continue to crush it with critics and at the box-office, so why wouldn’t it work for Star Wars?

The main reason the Marvel formula works is because each of their films are distinct genres, Thor: Ragnarok was a Comedy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a political-thriller and Ant-Man was a heist film. Disney tried to make Rogue One a heist-film but they didn’t get the true feel for it (even though the film literally revolves around stealing the death star plans). If Disney can somehow translate the Marvel formula to the Star Wars franchise, they can prevent it from ever getting stale.

Star Wars
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We shouldn’t be worried just yet, there is Hope.

Even if Disney fails to learn from Marvel’s success, I have full faith in Rian Johnson as a writer-director. Tt looks like Disney are giving him significant control of their franchise. Johnson will definitely feel the need for doing something different and branch out with his trilogy. We will most likely get something we’ve never seen before just watch Rian Johson’s 2012 film Looper.

The Last Jedi hits theatres next month so time will tell if Rian Johnson is indeed the chosen one who can prevent Star Wars fatigue, but if Disney has the confidence to give him free control over an entire trilogy, it bodes very well for the future of the Star Wars franchise. (and Disney’s plans to take over the world)

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