12 Film & TV Fictional Holidays We Should Celebrate Every Year

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Fictional holidays can be better than real holidays and are certainly better than the ones we’ve been making up recently.

Cinco de Cuatro (the best of fictional holidays) is here and I’m more excited than Lucille Bluth getting surprised by Gene Parmesan.

After calming down with lunch aka a dry martini, I thought to myself what other fictional holidays are worth celebrating?

As you get older, some holidays just get stale. Christmas and Easter are usually for kids, there’s only so much food you can stuff your face with at Thanksgiving and at 12:01 am New Year’s Day it’s usually bed time or a pretty sweet Twilight Zone binge.

While people are making up fake holidays like beer head foam appreciation day or National Nothing Day, let’s use the days already offered to us shall we? Namely these awesome fictional holidays.

1. Gossip Girl Day – January 26th

Before Blake Lively married Deadpool. Source: Heavemedia.com

Spotted: An empty slot in the month of January for fictional holidays. Enter the snooty, upturned noses of spoiled Upper-East-Side brats and I’ve found a loophole. In 2016, then New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg declared January 26th Gossip Girl day to celebrate its 100th episode.

I was recently held captive by my fiancee and couldn’t escape the clutches of daily Gossip Girl binges. Turns out the show is actually a pretty decent soap opera.

So put on your best Blair Waldorf impressions or act like ‘bass-holes’ next January 26th. Maybe we haven’t celebrated it enough, actually. Could be the reason Blake Lively has gone M.I.A.

So get to it boys and girls. If not, the Gossip Girl blog, which arguably spawned the likes of TMZ and Buzzfeed, will have embarrassing info released about you by the end of the day.

XOXO, gossip guy.

2. Galentine’s Day – February 13th

galentine's day card
You is smart you is beautiful. Source: Pinterest.

We have the loveable and affable Leslie Knope to thank for this gem. She created this lady-centric day to honour all her female friends ahead of Valentine’s Day. What a sweetheart!

Parks and Recreation left a comedy void still unfilled, but thankfully also left us a whole day to remember them by. (Two if you count Treat Yo Self Day – Oct. 13th, but you can technically enjoy that whenever you want. Treat yo self!).

To celebrate properly, grab a stack of waffles with whipped cream, sugar and your nearest nurse named Ann to exchange gifts with!

3. Gondorian New Year – March 25th

Image result for lord of the rings gif it's over

Gondorian New Year is simply the day Frodo hurled the one ring into Mount Doom and never looked back. For this one you should put on your finest hobbit garbs and celebrate the fact that we can expect a BILLION dollar series of Lord of The Rings from Amazon soon.

4. 1984 Day – April 4th

fictional holidays 1984 Big Brother george orwell
Alexa* is watching you. Damn auto correct. Source: openculture.com

“For whom, it suddenly occurred to him to wonder, was he writing this diary? For the future, for the unborn… How could you communicate with the future? It was of its nature impossible. Either the future would resemble the present, in which case it would not listen to him: or it would be different from it, and his predicament would be meaningless.” – George Orwell, 1984

Same, George. Same. April 4th was the day Winston Smith started writing in his diary in George Orwell’s 1984. Why include this day here? Is it to bring awareness to this book? But if you’re already aware, does it makes sense? Maybe we should ask Alexa if she remembers soon. Yup that’s some Black Mirror Big Brother ish for ya. We should all just celebrate this day for Winston Smith’s sake shall we?

5. ¡Cinco de Cuatro! – May 4th

fictional holidays arrested development cinco de cuatro
Break out your best chicken dance! Source: Arrested Development Wiki

In an attempt to get their Hispanic staff members to work on Cinco de Mayo, George and Lucille Bluth create Cinco de Cuatro (five of four) which spectacularly backfires when it is eventually embraced by the Newport Community.

You can embrace it by making your own boat parade aka festival of lights with your favourite flavoured banana from the banana stand. Or watch Mitchell Hurwitz’s Arrested Development remixed season 4 where Cinco de Cuatro originated.

He recently admitted he may have made a huge mistake by centring on each member of the Bluth family in Season Four instead of using the tried and true formula that worked for AD in the previous seasons. Let’s hope he doesn’t blue himself this time.

May 4th is also Star Wars day (followed by Revenge of the fifth the next day) as well as the day the Battle of New York happened in 2012’s Avengers movie.

You’re allowed to include these in your festivities if you like but only in order: Cinco, cuatro, tres, dos, flor.

6. Ferris Bueller Day – June 5th

What better way to honor the king of playing hooky by taking the day off yourself?
R-E-L-A-X. Take in a day at the museum. Play some footie. Steal your best friend’s car and propose to your high school sweetheart. The world is truly your oyster on June 5th.

7. Independence Day – July 4th

fictional holidays
Not the monument we deserve but the one we need right now. Source: Tattoodo.com
Does this really need an explanation? Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum saving the world’s butt deserves a holiday. Especially since America declared independence from Britain earlier and prematurely (Re: George W., Donald J. ‘Mission Accomplished’ seems to be a theme with our country.)
You celebrate this one by hacking complicated alien software using an outdated Macbook and visiting Area 51, preferably by parachute.

8. Judgement Day – August 29th

fictional holidays judgement day terminator
Watch these guys folks. Source: computerhoy.com
This is more of a warning day like April 4th above. Brought to us by Terminator 2, we should all be aware of how far A.I. & robotics have come.
Commemorate the day three billion people (fictionally) died in 1997 by smashing your defunct apple mac book you just used to hack alien software. That’s called a callback in the biz folks! Hope you enjoyed that one. It’s on the house.

9. Batman Day – September 26th

fictional holidays batman adam west
See the bat, be the bat! Source: elcomercio.pe
The day Bruce Wayne finally put on the cape and cowl to become the caped crusader. Although some think that this day should be celebrated on June 26th, the day his parents were murdered, but that may be too morose to ‘celebrate’.
Do that Batusi, put on your best bat outfit and pretend to be the do-gooder himself to party appropriately.
You can even deploy the Bat signal with Bacardi to spice things up. But none for Robin! Imagine that kid on a bender… ‘Holy Puerto Rican rum Batman! I just realised I’m an underage kid running around town fighting psychopaths! I should be in school!’

10. Back to the Future Day – October 21st

fictional holidays back to the future marty mcfly
You sit on a throne of lies Marty! Source: geektyrant.com

October 21st 2015 came and went without a hoverboard in sight. Bummer. But no sweat time travellers! We can still get down like Doc & Marty by dressing up as our favourite time traveling buds and try to invent one ourselves. Hoverboard or not we’re determined to get ourselves back… to the future (past?)

The Back to the Future movies have many important dates you can observe because, naturally, with it being a time travel movie, dates are important. November 5th is the day Marty travels back in time, November 12th is lightning day/Enchantment Under the Sea dance, and October 26th 1985 is the day it all went down.

So basically the two weeks from 10/21-11/12 should be Backtoberfest!

11. Slapsgiving – Thanksgiving week, 4th week of November

Image result for slapsgiving gif

Everyone has made stupid bets with their friends. But Barney and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother quite possibly made the funniest bet of them all. The slap bet. The slaps accumulated over time resulting in eight overall slaps that Marshall won, which rained down on Barney over the following seasons.

There’s only one way to honour this one: make some preposterous bets, the wager being five fingers to the face.

Here’s an example: my buddies have a slap bet going on currently where the first one to dunk in an active basketball game gets to smack the other. True story. I will try to keep you guys posted on what is sure to be the slap heard round the world.

12. Festivus – December 23rd

fictional holidays festivus Seinfeld
This one’s on me folks. Source: festivus.biz

Probably the greatest holiday of them all: Festivus from Seinfeld. After George’s father Frank Costanza gets fed up with the commercialism of the holidays, he creates Festivus. A day where you get an unadorned aluminium pole, air out your grievances against your loved ones that happened throughout the year, and of course the feats of strength challenge.

If you’re salty because you may be too grown-up for the holidays, then this is the perfect holiday for you. Sometimes we actually turn real holidays into Festivus accidentally, so why not do it on purpose.

Remember to celebrate all of these fictional holidays responsibly kids! And for those who are left wanting, here are some more fictional holidays of note to keep in mind!


3/21 – Purge Day

3/24 – Breakfast Club Day – Hooray for detention!


4/20 – Robonakuh (Futurama)


5/9 – The day Elliott Alderson and the Dark Army carried out the hack that destroyed financial institutions worldwide.

Some of these dates come from pretty influential movies. For more entertainment changing films check out these 16 Must-See Films That Shaped and Defined Thier Genre

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