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Everyone’s Falling In Love With The New Batch of Adorable CGI Creatures Hitting Movie Screens

Fans everywhere are are going gaga for these CGI cuties.

The advancement of CGI technology in recent years means some of our favourite fantasy worlds can now be brought to life in ways we never would have thought possible.

Movies like Harry Potter and The Avengers can only exist because of this technology. Other times, it has been responsible for some really adorable stuff.

An unusually high number of cute CGI creatures are on their way to movie screens soon. Fans are already falling in love.

The Baby Nifflers

CGI creatures
Newt wrangles a Baby Niffler

In Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, we met the Niffler, an adorable little creature with a pick-pocketing habit.  Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindlewald upped the cute factor by introducing a trio of Baby Nifflers.

Fans were falling in love with the Baby Nifflers long before the film was released. The little creatures feature heavily in Crimes of Grindlewald merchandise.

Despite this heavy promotion, the babies only appear in one scene. However, they completely steal the show in their all too brief screen time, leaving us hoping for more Baby Niffler action in Fantastic Beasts 3.


CGI creatures
Simba in next year’s The Lion King.

Some fans were understandably concerned about plans for a CGI remake of The Lion King. After all, why mess with a classic?

The recently released trailer for the film has silenced many of it’s doubters. Recreating the original’s iconic ‘Circle of Life’ sequence, the beautifully rendered teaser introduces the new generation’s baby Simba. And we have to say, he is absolutely gorgeous.

Now, concerns have shifted to how heartbreaking it will be to watch this little Simba grieve Mufasa’s death.


CGI creatures
Dumbo with his magic feather.

Of all Walt Disney’s classic films, Dumbo is easily one of the biggest tearjerkers. Tim Burton’s re-imagining looks set to keep this aspect of the original intact.

The new Dumbo isn’t rendered in the hyper-realistic style of The Lion King, but he shouldn’t be. While Simba will speak, Dumbo remains mute, as he was in the original film.

The character needs the expressiveness of his wide blue eyes to help make a connection with the audience. He is succeeding. Fans are already in tears over Dumbo.


Pikachu in ‘Detective Pikachu’

Since the very beginning of Pokemon, fans have clamoured for  a live-action take on the franchise.

While Detective Pikachu may not be exactly the film these fans were expecting, it has done one wonderfully right. The CGI version of Pikachu is as adorable as any Pokemon lover could wish for.

These four only scratch the surface of the cute CGI creatures heading our way.  Other much loved Pokemon will be joining Pikachu on screen. Meerkats are naturally occurring balls of cuteness, so Timon promises to be just as adorable as Simba.

We can’t wait to see all these cuties in action when their movies hit the big screen.

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