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EA’s Newest Patch May Have Managed to Make Battlefront II Worse…

After what was already a horrible release for EA’s newest title Star Wars: Battlefront II things have just gotten worse. Releasing a new 500mb patch has caused players’ games to constantly crash as well as lose progression on classes and re-lock heroes.

If you were not aware of how bad Battlefront II was doing you need only look at Reddit to see the most down voted comment in the site’s history. Temporarily ending paid micro-transactions has failed to win back potential gamers. The slow rate on which players earn credits feels more like a chore than a “Reward”.

Stop! stop! it’s already dead… – Source – Reddit

The latest patch adds insult to injury

What could be more frustrating than waiting ages to find a game, play half and then get kicked, losing all those credits that EA assure us are rewarding? I went to play a hero vs hero game only to find that Vader, a character I spent 15,000 credits on, was locked. This happened to other players. After playing a game and getting kicked I tried to join another only to get kicked again. Looks like EA’s rewarding system is doing a great job.

Other players say that they lost their Star Cards and some of their classes were reset back to level 1. Players like poor Andy Porgchey are experiencing the same.

 Seemingly the patch got a bit carried away and deleted plenty of people’s saves also.

I’m willing to bet most gamers were almost as mad as poor Gary Dunn.

What can we expect next?

Well certainly not an accompanying Reddit apology. More likely another 500mb patch in coming days that will mean you can maybe finish one of your matches? Wow. EA really dropped the ball on this one.

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