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8 things we love about Civilization: Call To Power

Honestly, I remember this Civilization: Call To Power much more fondly than the rest.

I mean, they’re all pretty good, have a unique setup and can take away days of your life at a time which is no bad thing. Yes, it took absolutely years to complete, and was very complicated, but there’s plenty to love about the Civilizaton series.

Here’s a list of the 10 things I remember loving about Civilization: Call To Power.

  1. The music was brilliant. When the game was loading up to start a new civilisation I really felt like I was starting a culture and the music was mine.

2. You could build and upgrade temples, and artefacts – this seems to have been ditched but it made me feel so special to have Colosseum named after me.

  1. You could progress into the future, not just up to a certain point. I don’t want to start a civilization again and play Civilization: Beyond Earth.
  2. You got to build a Star Ladder. A frigging Star Ladder That is the most awesome wonder ever.

Star Ladder - Civilization5. You could settle in the sea, and build underwater cities.

  1. You could settle in space and build space cities.
  2. The game went on and on, until you decided it was finished, with five different ages.
  3. You got to build a spaceship. Yeah, you got to build that in the others too, but once you built this one you got to carry on.

The only thing that has anything on it is Civilization IV, which had a Leonard Nemoy voiceover. That was immense.

I do miss it. Which Civilization was your favourite?


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