Charmed Reboot Trailer: Breakdown and Review

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The Charmed reboot trailer as given us insight into the new Charmed world. Here’s what it taught us.

On Thursday the CW dropped the new Charmed trailer.  Many fans feel the show is a terrible remake and are refusing to watch. But, there are a few fans out there who will give the new Charmed Ones a shot. Are you one of them?

The Charmed mother and her secrets

The Charmed Ones Mother
Valerie Cruz as Marisol, the matriarch of the family. Photo scene shot via CW

You may recognise the sisters’ mother, Marisol. Valerie Cruz starred in shows like The Dresden Files, True Blood, Alphas, Dexter, and The Following. According to the trailer, she tells her two daughters, “I feel so lucky to be the mother of two special young women. Special in such different ways. Always remember that. You are better together. Your differences are your strengths. And nothing is stronger than your sisterhood.”

Wait… did she say, two daughters? Yes, she did.

We learn that Mel and Maggie are unaware of a third sister, Macy. It seems like momma has been hiding a few secrets; it makes you wonder what else she was hiding.

Marisol’s death

Marisol is in the attic (big surprise there), working on a reversal binding spell. The camera pans towards the window, and we see it broken; crows fly in. She has enough time to text Mel and Maggie asking them to come home. When the two sisters arrive, the crows fly out the front door. When they get to the attic, they see it is a mess. They run to the window and look out. They see their mother on the ground, dead.

The trailer fast forwards three months. The way it sounds, the police are giving up. They found no evidence of foul play. It seems they are ruling it an accident or suicide.  Mel doesn’t believe them. She comes across as having a strong personality, and a never-say-die attitude. She suspects her mother was murdered, but by whom? Mel will not give up until the mystery is solved.

Mel is also angry all the time. It is this emotion that causes a barrier between her and Maggie.

The new Charmed sister: Macy

Charmed Sister Macy
Madeleine Mantock is Macy in the new “Charmed.” Screenshot photo courtesy of the CW

During a heated discussion, they hear a knock at the door. Maggie opens the door, and Macy is standing there. She breaks the news to her as she feels she is their sister. She shows them a picture of Marisol holding her when she was a toddler.

Discovering their charming powers

We see Mel sitting at a diner talking to Nico about Macy showing up and claiming to be her sister. Suddenly everything freezes. We know this is the power Piper has.

Macy is at a bar talking to Galvin telling him she loves being on her own. He asks why she went to their house. She replies she is curious about her mother and wants answers. He responds by telling her she should try again. She becomes angry, and with a flick of her hand, her beer bottle goes flying and shatters against the wall.  We know this is the power Prue had, and Paige has a similar power through her whitelighter power.

Maggie shakes Viv’s hand and hears her thoughts: “Isn’t this the girl whose mom died? I should be nice.” Maggie retreats and runs. Everyone she bumps into, she hears their thoughts. Prue dealt with this power one time, and it nearly drove her insane. It is Christy (Season 8) who could hear peoples’ thoughts.

Harry the Advisor to Witches

Harry the Advisor to Witches. Played by Rupert Evans. Screenshot courtesy of the CW.

Harry abducts the three sisters and ties them up in their attic. Now, Harry is no Leo, folks. Leo was a sexy handyman and the sisters did not know he was a whitelighter.  Harry is no handyman, nor does he come off sexy. He is more of a middle-aged man wearing a combination of business attire and grandpa’s cardigan sweater. I wonder if he smells like cigar smoke?

Harry breaks the news to the sisters that they are powerful witches, and their mother was a witch. The sisters learn she bound their powers when each of them was born. Harry then drops a bombshell about the night she died. He confirms Mel’s suspicions about her mother’s death being a murder. She died while reversing the binding spell on her daughters.

The Book of Shadows

Charmed Book of Shadows
The triquetra is still the symbol of the Book of Shadows and the “Charmed” Ones. Screenshot courtesy of the CW

The Book of Shadows looks a bit different from the original one. Don’t fear Charmed fans: the triquetra is still the symbol of the Book of Shadows and the Charmed Ones.

Harry hands the book to Maggie, who is thumbing through it while he explains that the book is their guide to protecting the innocence and vanquishing demons.

Maggie fights fate

Maggie is against accepting her fate as a witch and as a Charmed One. She doesn’t like witches and refuses to dress up like one during Halloween.  She is not alone; Macy doesn’t believe in witches.

Mel embraces her legacy

With Maggie fighting against being a witch and Macy not believing in them, Mel is the only one who accepts her family’s legacy. She convinces her two sisters that this is what their mother wanted. And in accepting what is going on, they can find their mother’s killer.

The Underworld

Charmed Demon
Hey, look! A demon. Time to fight girls. Screenshot courtesy of the CW

Like in the original Charmed, the demons knew when the sisters regained their powers. It is no different with the new Charmed. They know Macy, Mel and Maggie have their powers now, and those pesky demons will stop at nothing to see to the witches’ demise.

The End

The sisters agree with each other and accept their fate as witches. Mel and Maggie accept Macy as their sister and comforts her by letting her know she is no longer alone.

Final thoughts on the new Charmed trailer and the entire reboot as a concept

The New Charmed Ones
Sarah Jeffery, Madeleine Mantock, and Melonie Diaz are the new “Charmed” sisters. Coming this Fall to the CW. Photo screenshot by CW.

Do I like the idea of a Charmed reboot? No, I don’t. The original was, and still is, a great show.

If I had my say, they should have gone the route of a next generation show, dealing with the Charmed children. How they managed through school and their young adult life as witches and what demons they fight and the innocence’s they saved.

With the reboot, I could have handled it being a set of witches in a different town, in a different state, but connected to the Halliwells’. A branch on the Halliwell tree unknown to any of them, hidden away in case the first sisters failed.

They could have gone with a different Charmed mythology. And during one of the seasons or episodes, they meet the Halliwell sisters, via their children or a big event.

Oh, well, we’re getting a whole new Charmed. That’s something. I will watch the show, give it a chance. You never know, it may be good a show, again, it may be horrible. We will wait and see.

The trailer is three minutes and fifty-six seconds long. It covers much in that time frame. The show will come out this fall on Sunday nights after Supergirl. Are you ready for a new Charmed?

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