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Captain America: Civil War – Fighting a Common Cause

Humanity. It’s not often a quality we associate with superheroes. But you can with Captain America: Civil War.

The masked men and women who protect the Marvel Universe are supposed to be above the petty issues that civilians face.

By exposing the deepest flaws of our favourite caped crusaders, the filmmakers have been able to establish a real connection to the audience. Gone are the days when the viewer sits in reverence of the likes of Ironman (Robert Downey Jr,) and Captain America (Chris Evans). Instead, we feel their pain, we understand their hardship and empathise with their losses. We’ve restored their humanity.

Marvel’s latest instalment, Captain America: Civil War, was bloody awesome!

The storyline follows the classic Marvel formula: angry person gets screwed over by a superhero, angry person retaliates and wreaks havoc, angry person’s plan is foiled. But let’s be honest, we’re not exactly going to these movies for a plot twist. Instead, what we want is fast-paced butt-kicking action. And with the addition of superheroes like Black Panther, Ant-Man and Spiderman, this movie had no trouble delivering.

But there is one slight variation to the usual formula that gave the movie a real flair.

For the first time ever we see our beloved Avengers turn on each other. On one side we have #teamcap, and on the other, #teamironman. The man with the star-spangled shield has chosen to go rogue over a U.N. proposal that states The Avengers will operate under, and be punishable by the world government – Iron Man agrees with the proposal. So naturally, their disagreement culminates in each side going to work to recruit the most super-charged egomaniacs to settle the score in an airport. My guess is that the metal detectors were down that day…

From start to finish I was unequivocally on Captain America’s side, and here’s why.

The moment The Avengers become answerable to the will of an external faction, they open themselves up to corruption. Human agendas will dictate their actions, as opposed to what is truly right, and truly wrong. No longer will those who worked to put a shield around the world, be able to pinpoint problem areas and act in a timely fashion.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand Iron Man’s point of view. After all, Tony Stark is the man who nearly destroyed earth after he got a little too carried away trying to create Artificial Intelligence. The mistakes made that lead to the battle of Sokovia are enough to scare anyone into a binding resolution. But putting shackles on superheroes simply makes them political puppets, and in reality, won’t solve any world disaster. post rant panting

Captain America: Civil War

Apart from the squabbling of our earthly guardians, there were a few more points of interest throughout the film.

First, I loved how Tony Stark was sporting a black-eye for most of the movie. This relates back to the point of humanity I opened with. We’re used to seeing Tony Stark fall great heights and take massive hits that leave him with nothing more than grimace on his face. His black eye symbolises the destruction of world order, and the lack of clarity felt by Tony and his counterparts.

Our villain raises even more eyebrows.

In the past we’ve seen alien armies, robot psychopaths, Norse Gods and red skulled dictators. Never before have we seen a normal human, one without any extravagant powers, or military grade suits of armour. Instead, our malevolent mastermind is simply suffering the distress of losing his family in the battle of Sokovia. He trades in missiles and laser beams, magic staffs and shrinking body armour for the use of his mind, his knowledge of psychology, to expose the greatest weakness in our otherwise flawless superheroes.

Captain America: Civil War breaks The Avengers down to their most basic elements.

Emotional beings who, like the rest of us, are just trying to reconcile their inner conflicts, and distinguish right from wrong. Like the rest of the world, I cannot wait to see what’s next in stall, but until then, I’ll settle for trailers and speculation…

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