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8 reasons to attend the next Supanova

Why is Supernova such a great Australian event?

If you have ever wanted to experience something unique, or even just felt like an adventure, you better check out an event called Supanova.

This event brings fans from all over the country that share interests in comics, SciFi, fantasy, gaming, collectibles, anime, TV shows, art, and literature.

I have been lucky enough to attend five of these events and even volunteered at one. So given that I’m basically the most experienced Supanovarer ever, I am going to share with you my top eight reasons why you should attend the next one. Let me inspire your inner pop-culture mind to a world of creativity and entertainment.

1. It’s super family friendly

It’s a family friendly event for all ages young and old where everyone will be united by enjoying a day of magic. You will be surrounded by valuable collectible merchandise, be among the celebrities – including the people that dress up as their favourite character – attend panels, preview screenings, see some theatre and so much more. You’ll need the whole weekend to see everything, and best of all it’s an affordable day out.

2. The screenings

For anyone who loves their anime, you should feel right at home. There are plenty of screenings of a variety of anime over the two days. Not only that, there is usually a special preview screening of a movie on the Friday Night. If you grew up watching Pokemon, Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball Z, you will enjoy the opportunity to see some new anime at Supernova.

3. The artwork and accessories

Have you have ever gone to an art gallery and been impressed by portraits and beautiful landscapes of the world in gold stunning frames? At Supernova there are aisles and aisles of incredible artwork for all things pop culture. You will be simply amazed by the talent and imagination that is out there.

You will also see handmade merchandise like jewellery, hair accessories and even comic books they have created. Best of all these art works and accessories are available for you to purchase at their stands. So, make sure you check these sections out because you will be blown away.

4. The gaming possibilities

Those that love their gaming, whether it is for an Xbox, PlayStation, or Computer games, will be stunned by the range of games there are, and the opportunities to test some out. There’s also plenty of merchandise to get your hands on and I can guarantee you will be walking out with bags of new gaming toys.

You can also have a shot at a NERF War (so you can practice your shooting skills), and for those that are into trading card games like Magic, there is a special section where you can play against other people that love it just as much as you. So make sure you pack them with you!

5. Oh my, the merchandise…

This is something that I look forward to the most at Supanova. There’s stand after stand of all things collectible, from comic books to t-shirts, soft toys, action figures, weapons for costumes, and a huge range of trading cards.

You’ll need a whole day to shop (and I am not exaggerating). You will end up purchasing something memorable from one of your favourite characters or shows.

6. The cos-play

John Snow Cosplay
Jon Snow Cosplay at Supanova

A Supanova Pop Culture event will not be possible without Cosplay. As you walk around the exhibit halls, standing in a line or sitting in a panel, you will be fascinated by the range of characters and the costumes you will see, from superheroes, movie icons, anime and gaming characters.

The best thing about Cosplay is that the people who dress up are so dedicated to their costumes. This ain’t some 2 dollar shit; some spend up to a year planning, and even making them. At the last event, I did overhear a lady say she spent eight months making hers. Some people that dress up also perform on stage to a captive audience.

One of the fun things with people dressing up is the reaction it has on children who attend. They are so excited to meet their favourite character, and their beautiful smiles really light up the room.

7. You’ll be star-struck

A lot of people attend pop culture events just because of the celebrities. And let’s be honest: Who wouldn’t love the chance to rub shoulders with their favourite TV/movie actor or actress, or even writer or voice Actor?

I know I love seeing them in person. I was lucky enough to meet James Marsters, aka Spike from Buffy, and the experience was just incredible to see him in person and end up with a special keepsake photo and autograph.

James Masters was at Supanova
James Masters was at Supanova

At Supanova you also have the opportunity to purchase additional tickets (it varies in cost) to get a picture or autograph with the guest (it is not included in your general admission entry cost).

Over the three day event the guests have free Q & A panels where you might even get to ask your favourite celebrity that burning question you have always wanted. I know I have been lucky enough to be chosen out of the audience to ask a question.

Natalie Dormer was at Supanova
Natalie Dormer did a Q&A

8. The People

The biggest reason why I attend, and also the same reason why the majority of people attend, is the people that go.

You are bound to meet likeminded individuals that have the same or similar interests as you, be it your favourite TV show, game or superhero. I can guarantee you will walk out from the event having met new friends, who become regular people you catch up with at other events (speaking from experience).

Even if you go alone to this event, you will walk out with some new mates. So don’t be afraid to start a conversation with the person next to you!

I hope after reading this article that you are now looking up when and where the next Supanova event is. You’ll have a blast!

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