The next wolverine - Jason Momoa

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8 actors who could become the next Wolverine

Every publisher has made a list of who should be cast as the next Wolverine, so I poured over them all, picked the ones I thought were the best choices and decided to link to the list from we found it on.

Jason Momoa

It’s a pretty easy shift to shift Jason Momoa from Aquaman into a Wolverine role. Whereas Jackman had charisma and charm there’s a simplicity to what Jason Momoa does onscreen. If Marvel go for a darker, quieter version of Wolverine then Momoa wouldn’t be my first choice, but he wouldn’t be my last either.

The next wolverine - Jason Momoa

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy was probably the forerunner for this role right up until Venom was released. The continuing relationship between Sony and Marvel, and the potential for crossover in these universes makes a potential casting of Tom Hardy as complicated. He would be a fantastic choice, and perhaps my number one if he hadn’t already taken the Venom gig.

The next wolverine - Tom Hardy

Taron Egerton

A very english chap, Taron has shown remarkable acting abilities but we haven’t seen a role comparable to Wolverine yet. I think questions marks remain as to whether Taron could fully exhibit the raw rage that the role of Wolverine requires.

Next wolverine - Taron Edgerton

Joel Edgerton

My top pick. I’ve seen Joel act in movies where a softer, sombre character is required, all the way up to Warrior where he literally shows the stubbornly determined combat levels Wolverine is famous for, minus the rage. As a person, Joel seems to have a very similar temperament to Hugh Jackman, and would fit in with the cast and crew of the Marvel Cinematic Universe well. It’s a good personality fit.

Next Wolverine Joel Edgarten

Jon Bernthal

Unbelievable as The Punisher, clearly showcasing the raw emotion needed to play Wolverine. Whether this can translate into the emotional nuance needed for Wolverine I’m not sure, but he’s definitely up there.

Jon Bernthal as Wolverine

Oscar Isaac

Could Oscar Isaac transform from the witty, charming, rebellious Star Wars actor into The Wolverine? Possibly. He’s got the dark hair, jawline and features, but he’ll have to bulk up heavily for the role. Can he play the gruff, short tempered Logan? Possibly. And he’s become a disney go to.

Wolverine - Oscar Isaac

Luke Evans

Luke Evans has been around the Disney club for a while, and whilst still now having played an iconic role, he is an actor who is due one. He’s got a solid American accent in the locker and has the features for a perfect Wolverine. He’s high on my list of potentials who could take on the role.

Wolverine - Luke Evans

Scott Eastwood

A descendent of Hollywood royalty, Scott Eastwood has had some solid performances, and has a reported desire to play the role of Logan. Marvel has a track record of putting junior actors in roles as well as experienced ones and seem to pick with a strong focus on personality and who will fit into the universe of characters. Scott Eastwood is a wild card you should bet against.

Wolverine - Scott Eastwood

Who do you think should get the Wolverine gig?

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