7 Arrowverse Characters We’d Love to See On-Screen Again

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The Arrowverse has a plethora of characters, many of whom deserve a second go-around on-screen.

Fans of the multiple Arrowverse shows will know that beyond the lead superheroes, there are a number of fantastic supporting characters who draw the audience in.

While some characters on the shows have been given complete arcs and allowed to move on to bigger and better things, there are still a few individuals whose departures felt unfulfilling.

We look at seven characters from the Arrowverse shows—Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow—who we would love to see grace our television screens again.

James Olsen

James Olsen_Entertainment Weekly
James Olsen. Source: Entertainment Weekly

Mehcad Brooks’ James Olsen was a revelation on Supergirl. A hard-working, determined, and infinitely kind-hearted person, Olsen was a hero to journalists and friends long before he donned the guise of Guardian.

Best friend to Clark Kent/ Superman, Olsen took on the duty of mentor and friend to Kent’s cousin, Kara Danvers/ Supergirl, helping her in her superhero-ing and lending her a friendly shoulder whenever she doubted her abilities.

Olsen then became a superhero in his own right, with the help of Winn Schott. Guardian had no superpowers, but that didn’t stop him from fighting for his city and his friends.

Sadly for Olsen fans, with Supergirl’s expanding cast, and the focus turning more towards to the Luthors, Olsen’s narratives started to diminish.

Olsen was shunted out of the show in a one-episode arc where he went back to his hometown and decided to stay on to fight against the town’s corruption.

As happy as we are that Olsen is still continuing to be a hero, Supergirl hasn’t looked complete since he left. Though the show effectively replaced Olsen with his sister, Kelly, she hasn’t been given as much screen time as Lex Luthor has.

We sorely miss Olsen’s fortitude, history, and understanding of the world of heroes and villains. It would be great to have him back on the show, either as a journalist, CEO, or as Guardian.

Leonard Snart

Legends-of-Tomorrow-Doomworld-Captain-Cold-Screen Rant
Leonard Snart. Source: Screen Rant

Wentworth Miller’s Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, started off as a villain on The Flash. Alongside his crime partner Mick Rory/ Heatwave (played by Miller’s Prison Break co-start Dominic Purcell), Snart terrorized Central City and Team Flash with his cold gun and cunning schemes.

But as the show wore on, and Snart and Rory found themselves joining the Legends of Tomorrow as heroes, the character underwent a sea-change.

Fans learned that Snart wasn’t always so cold and criminally-minded—he was once a terrified little boy who would do anything to protect his baby sister. As a result, he ended up following his abusive father into a life of crime, a fate he couldn’t spare his sister, Golden Glider, from, either.

As Snart spent more time with the Legends, and became closer to his teammates, including former assassin White Canary, he began to see himself as more than a victim of his circumstances and embraced his new life as a hero.

A very short-lived one, unfortunately. When Snart learned that his teammate Ray Palmer/ The Atom would be killed during a daring rescue, Snart took his place, sacrificing himself for the Legends.

Since then, the Legends and the Flash have gone back in time several times to work with Snart, and have even befriended an alternate reality version known as Leo Snart/ Citizen Cold. Like the fans, the Arrowverse characters themselves can’t let go of Snart.

Which is why we hope that there is some way that Snart can come back to Legends of Tomorrow, if not The Flash. Both shows make ample use of time travel and there’s always an in-universe explanation for displacing a character from time, only to send them back to the same moment. We can only wait in hope!

Amaya Jiwe/ Charlie

legends-of-tomorrow-amaya-1118413-1280x0-comic book
Amaya Jiwe. Source: Comic Book

Amaya Jiwe/ Vixen should never have been part of the Legends—she was originally a member of the Justice Society of America in the 1940s, before her team was disbanded by time aberrations.

Following Hawkgirl and Hawkman’s exit after season one of Legends of Tomorrow, it was clear that the show would be adding to its depleted cast.Maisie Richardson-Sellers fit like a glove—her Vixen was brave, powerful, confident, and a hero in every form.

Despite being displaced in time—and losing the people she cared about—Vixen made her home on the Waverider and among the Legends.

The show’s decision to pair Jiwe with Nate Steele, one of the more eccentric members on the team, was an odd one but the actors made it work.

The fact that the pair could never really be together because Jiwe’s future was back in Zambezi, her homeland, made the couple more tragic. Star-crossed lovers brought together and torn apart by time underpinned their every interaction and made Jiwe’s exit heart-breaking for fans.

Fortunately, the show wasn’t quite ready to let go of Richardson-Sellers, who returned in the guise of Charlie/ Clotho, a shapeshifter who ends up trapped in Amaya’s form. Unlike Jiwe, who was serious about her life and work, Charlie was a punk with little regard for rules.

With Legends of Tomorrow pushing the envelope in terms of bonkers content, Charlie was an excellent fit for the show. Not only did Charlie echo the humour of the writing, but she made connections within the team that Jiwe hadn’t.

It was unfortunate to see Charlie leave the team once and for all at the end of season five. After four seasons on the show, Richardson-Sellers’ absence will be a glaring one.

But seeing as Charlie is a deity and a much-loved team member, perhaps the Legends can find a reason to stop by in the 70s and pick her up for more adventures?

Laurel Lance

Black_Canary-the mary sue
Black Canary 2.0. Source: The Mary Sue

We are, of course, talking about OG Dinah Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy), lawyer, assistant district attorney, and Black Canary 2.0.

Arrow’s Laurel was a departure from the comics version. Not only did she not use the name Dinah, but she spent the first few seasons of the show as a love interest and damsel in distress. Lance’s younger sister, Sara Lance—a character written for the show—was the original Black Canary on Arrow.

When Lance eventually took over the role of Black Canary—following her sister’s death—Arrow saw a resurgence in interest. Not only did Lance have more to do as a whole, but her inclusion on Team Arrow gave the group more nuance and depth.

Despite many decrying the length of time it took for Lance to take on the Black Canary mantle, the show’s handling of the character was often well-written. When she wasn’t needing rescuing, Lance was a top-notch attorney fighting for the little guy. Her rise in the legal world, coupled with her personal struggles with substance abuse following the deaths of loved ones, added dimensions to the character that one wouldn’t expect in a superhero show.

For such a character to then take on the role of a superhero to honour her sister was the ultimate payoff for fans—and actor Cassidy thrived in the new avatar that she had long fought for.

But fans were once again set up for disappointment when the Black Canary was ultimately fridged to progress the Arrow’s arc. Despite public outcry, Black Canary 2.0 was gone for good.

Even though Cassidy returned to the Arrowverse as the villainous Black Siren, Earth-2’s Laurel Lance, and went on to become a reformed hero in her own right, it wasn’t the same without OG Lance.

It seems almost impossible for the Arrowverse writers to find a way to bring OG Lance back, especially with ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ having cemented Black Siren as the only Laurel Lance. But if they could bring the original Lance back, fans would be overjoyed.

Ray Palmer

Ray_Palmer-Arrow Wiki
Ray Palmer. Source: Arrow Wiki

More than a decade ago, Brandon Routh gave the world a new Superman but he is undoubtedly going to be remembered as Ray Palmer/ The Atom on Legends of Tomorrow.

First appearing in Arrow as an antagonist to Oliver Queen and love interest for Felicity Smoak, Palmer’s scientific bent of mind and business savvy made him a darling of Star City—which he renamed from Starling City.

Eventually, Palmer was killed in an accident while perfecting his Atom suit, only to be found alive again. With the world believing him dead, Palmer joined the Legends and became an indispensable part of the team.

Palmer’s personality changed drastically the longer he appeared in the Arrowverse—he went from a serious, cut-throat adversary to a light-hearted and dorky hero.

Routh embodied both personalities brilliantly, but he really shone as part of the Legends, where he got to portray Palmer’s boy scout-like preparedness, big heart, constant optimism, and sense of humour.

Without Palmer’s firm belief in the good of humanity and the Legends’ abilities to get out of every scrape, one wonders what state the team would have found themselves in. He was a beacon of hope and joy for the team, and his sudden departure partway through season five was a shock to fans.

After meeting and falling in love with Nora Darhk (played by Routh’s IRL wife, Courtney Ford), Palmer and Darhk marry and leave the Legends to pursue somewhat normal lives.

Though the pair’s departure was announced, the two-arc episode that heralded the end of their run was hardly enough time to bid them farewell.

Fans weren’t particularly happy—Palmer and Darhk still had much to offer the Legends, and it seemed that the show was removing a central character just to shake things up.

Matters were only made worse when Routh confirmed that it wasn’t his decision to leave—though Sara Lance actor Caity Lotz promised that fans would see Palmer and Darhk again.

It is unlikely that Palmer will return as little more than a recurring character, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to see him rejoin the team as the legend all fans know him to be?

Wally West

kid_flash_publicity-hollywood reporter
Kid Flash. Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Readers of DC Comics will know just how vital a character Kid Flash is to the Flash-verse. When The Flash announced that it had cast its Wally West in Keiynan Lonsdale, fans were thrilled. It was only a matter of time before Wally West became Kid Flash and helped his mentor, brother/ brother-in-law Barry Allen, save the city and the world.

Lonsdale’s Wally West wasn’t designed to slot into The Flash perfectly—West was a devastated and angry young man who was still recovering from watching his mother slowly pass away from illness. He had also only recently learned that his father and older sister were alive and thrilled to have him in his life.

It was a lot to take in—made worse by the fact that West’s father Joe already felt like he had a son in Barry Allen. West was constantly competing with Allen and it made for numerous tense dinners.

When the Flash willfully created Flashpoint, he saw West take on the mantle of Kid Flash—but he was badly injured by his nemesis, the Rival. Allen worked to ensure West was never endangered but that plan failed when West gained superspeed through the machinations of another villain.

Dubbed Kid Flash by the city, West enjoyed being a speedster, and was always willing to learn more about the Speed Force. He even took over as the city’s primary defender when the Flash had to leave.

But once the Flash returned, West was practically forgotten by the team—he decided to make his exit to find himself and ended up being recruited by the Legends, helping to save the world numerous times.

Since West’s departure from the Legends—ostensibly to spend time with his Flash-family—he hasn’t really been a part of the Arrowverse. Kid Flash has appeared from time to time but the promise of a young speedster taking over from the Flash was never delivered upon.

Lonsdale brought so much enthusiasm and joy to the character but kept being pushed into the background as The Flash added more and more cast members. But whether with Team Flash or the Legends, Kid Flash was always a joy to watch. With no conclusion to his arc, Kid Flash deserves to return to the Arrowverse to continue being the superhero fans know and love.

Nora West-Allen

Nora West-Allen-The Mary Sue
Nora West-Allen. Source: The Mary Sue

Barry Allen’s propensity for messing with time has become a meme unto itself—but who knew that he would pass on that trait to his future daughter, even without ever meeting her?

Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy) grew up without any knowledge of her missing father having been the Flash. Having lived only with the memories her mother Iris West shared with her, young West-Allen still became obsessed with the legacy of the Flash. She eventually learned who her father really was and that her mother had suppressed her meta-abilities.

Furious at being denied this crucial knowledge and her superspeed, West-Allen befriended the Flash’s nemesis Reverse-Flash and travelled back in time to see her father.

That would have been fine except West-Allen’s attempts at helping her father against a villain ended up destroying her only way to get back to the future. Her presence also created a time ripple that caused a future villain to emerge early and terrorise Team Flash.

With nowhere to go, West-Allen joined the team as her alter-ego XS and became an invaluable member—not only did she save the city and her teammates, but she learned a great deal about her abilities and her responsibilities.

But more than just being a fascinating hero, Kennedy’s XS was a fantastic addition to the cast—her chemistry with her on-screen parents was evident from their first interactions and only grew with every scene.

As season five of The Flash came to a close, it looked like XS was going to have achieved her goal of spending time with her father, and making peace with her mother, before heading back to the future. But the Reverse-Flash’s machinations made that impossible. Freed from his prison, Reverse-Flash managed to corrupt XS’ speed—her only choices were to become like him or be erased from the time-stream forever.

Knowing how much the Reverse-Flash had tormented her family, West-Allen chose to sacrifice herself rather than become the embodiment of evil. The Flash has had some of the most heart-breaking scenes in the Arrowverse but none so much as Barry and Iris begging Nora to reconsider her decision and then watching as their beloved future child disappeared into the aether.

Of all the characters on this list, West-Allen’s arc was probably the most complete, and yet it is one that fans have mourned the hardest. Following the events of ‘Crisis’, it seems highly unlikely that West-Allen can possibly see a return to the Arrowverse. But this universe has never been afraid of the impossible, so maybe fans can hold out hope of seeing XS again?

Which Arrowverse character would you love to see on-screen again? Tell us in the comments below.

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