6 Star Trek Series Ideas Trekkies Would Actually Want To See

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Studios are churning out new Star Trek series. But they’re largely not want fans want. Here are six Star Trek series ideas Trekkies would love.

As a proud Trekkie, the news that four Star Trek series are supposedly in development brings me several emotions. The strongest of them is apprehensive optimism. Basically, I’m waiting to impressed.

Not even the tease of bringing back our beloved captain, Jean-Luc Picard, under the Shakespearean talents of Sir Patrick Stewart can make me feel otherwise.   

These feelings of ambivalence partially come from the fact that all four of these shows will be under the tutelage of the grossly overpaid Alex Kurtzman, who, to put it mildly, has produced mixed results in his vision of Trek.  

As opposed to Star Wars fans, until recently, we Trekkies have had a history of being severely disappointed with Trek creations.  

The new rumoured shows include: A teen drama series set at Starfleet Academy; a Khan miniseries; and an animated series.  

Some of these ideas have been considered before, and some just sound terrible.

But, as the story goes, there’s money to be made (as is demonstrated by Discovery’s success). And obviously CBS will look to make it. (You can read about whether Star Trek is a dying franchise here).

Here are six ideas for some Star Trek shows that Trekkies would actually want to see. Don’t get your hopes up though – we’re unlikely to see them any time soon. 

1 – Earth-Romulan War

Who wouldn’t want to see something like this on the screen?

If the studios are going to bother with another prequel series (which they really shouldn’t – prequels have been done to death), it should be centred around the Earth-Romulan War. This is something Trekkies have had wanted to see developed on-screen for quite some time.

In Star Trek lore, the Earth-Romulan War is a conflict that was fought between Earth and the Romulans (obviously). But they never visually saw each other, communicating only through radio… and nukes.

The Earth-Romulan War eventually led to Earth allying itself with other space-faring species, ultimately leading to the United Federation of Planets.

Star Trek: Enterprise attempted to build up to this, but it was cancelled before it could do so.  

An Earth-Romulan themed series would be a good candidate for a miniseries, focusing on the war itself and its consequences, prologuing further Trek stories.  

A Star Trek show that would involve EPIC space battles (did I mentioned nukes?) would be entertaining to mainstream audiences, but also develop a very important, woefully undeveloped, section of the Star Trek canon that Trekkies have wanted for a very long time.  

2 – Post TOS, Pre TNG

You gotta admit, these are red shirts YOU wouldn’t mind wearing.

Again, prequels are overdone etc etc. But it seems the studio big-wigs aren’t finished with them. If they are going to do it, they might as well make a show set post-TOS and pre-TNG.

The problem with Enterprise wasn’t the concept as much as the implementation. Enterprise was a prequel, but it didn’t really reference much of the future Trek lore.  

This prequel series would actually build upon things from TOS and also lead up to TNG. TNG, which was essentially an alien of the week series, often took for granted all of the aliens that humanity has discovered in the unexplored history of Star Trek.  

Whether it is the Trill, the Bolians, the Benzites, or those humanoid fishmen – one played Mick Fleetwood (no joke!) – it would be interesting to see the initial interactions of Starfleet with the bountiful species of the Star Trek galaxy. Perhaps Picard and his Stargazer adventures?!

Additionally, we could explore the sporadically mentioned yet supremely important Federation-Cardassian War, as well as the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor. We could learn the history behind what came to be seen on Deep Space Nine.

Again, this would be great as it would have the possibility for great action, but develop more Star Trek lore that Trekkies crave.

3 – Captain Worf 

I don’t care how old Michael Dorn gets, as long as he is always preparing for ramming speed, I am all for it!

A show that I feel Trekkies would approve of – one that actually had a bit of traction a few years ago – is a Captain Worf.  Michael Dorn, the actor who played Worf, apparently met with CBS to discuss this idea.

Some people might argue that all of the TNG cast is too old now, including Brent Spiner himself. But CGI can actually counter this. And people might also say that the character of Worf is overplayed, as he has appeared in more episodes than any other character. But he is a very compelling character and I am sure that Trekkies want to see him get a conclusion “worthy of song,” considering both of his wives died. (Sad Face).  

If this show was created, I would encourage it to be set in the future, within reason, along with those cameos.

4. Klingons

Here are some of what I call “Klingon Classic.” These are some faces only a Trekkie could love.

If they are not going to make a Captain Worf show, they should certainly consider a generally Klingon centred show.  

The Klingons are probably one of the most liked Trek species. They’re certainly the most developed. There’s even a game with a story so good it might as well have been a movie. If they can make a show even half as good as some of the games, it would totally be worth it.  

Again, the best way to go would be to set it in the future. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY NO MORE PREQUELS!?

I would hope to see ‘Klingon classic’, from the TNG to VOY era, not the Discovery prune face Klingons.  

It would be awesome to see Martok again, who would be especially interesting as the actor who plays him is currently running for congress.  

Also, while Klingon actually is a “fully functional” language, I think it is just better for everyone if they just spoke English.  Previous writers have already made up the excuse of a universal translator for a reason.

5. Star Trek: Temporal Integrity Division

Seriously, how awesome was this?!?

Although it sounds like a Law and Order spin off (someone else can get paid more to come up with a better title), a Star Trek show based entirely around time travel and the people who attempt to keep the timeline from getting too messed up, could be quite interesting.

Although Enterprise tried and mostly failed at this with its Temporal Cold War storyline, I think this type of show could be quite engaging if it is done right.  

We have already had a glimpse into temporal travel adventures during an episode of Voyager, and it would be nice to see more stories like this.  

Due to the time travel nature of the show, we would be able to explore every era of Star Trek in a non-hackneyed way – much like the fan loved and critically acclaimed ‘Trials and Tribble-ations’ – and still have the door open to cameos for any actor still willing to don a Starfleet uniform or an alien costume.  

Suffice it to say, a show of this nature has endless possibilities.

6. Post Nemesis 

The Enterprise F is from Star Trek Online, and therefore not canon, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to “make it so” as a TV show.

By far the most wanted series by the Star Trek fan community is simply a show set post Nemesis. As I have poetically said about the proposed new show in numerous Facebook posts, articles and message boards: “post Nemesis show or f&%# off.”  

The best possible chance for Star Trek success would simply to go boldly where no one has gone before: literally the future.  

It seems possibly that the Hollywood hack frauds are not willing to take risks, and it is simply easier to regurgitate things everyone already knows. We have not had any new stories set post Nemesis.  

I would hope they take the Star Trek: Online approach and set it at least 20-40 years after Nemesis, which, at this point, has almost been the real passage of time.  

That time period would be far ahead enough for the cast and crew to really make it their own, but still have cameos from our beloved cast members from previous shows.  

If you want to go ahead even further, great! Knock yourself out! We have already had glimpses of the 26th century AND the 29th century so it would be quite fun to see how the future can be developed and appease the Trekkies as well. 

In the end, with streaming services such as Netflix and CBS All Access, the possibility for several shows, even with a limited budget, is quite a real possibility.  

The problem however is that those in charge obviously don’t care what the fans want, and are only going to push out things that the masses will consume, despite how great some of the fans’ ideas are.  

Let’s just hope that these upcoming Star Trek TV series will give us something to be excited about. As new stories in the Star Trek universe, they cannot play it safe. They must go boldly where no Star Trek series has gone before. 

There you have our awesome Star Trek series ideas. Now have a look at the worst Star Trek episode from each series.

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