5 Reasons Why Supernatural Will Never End

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When will Supernatural end? Well, the Winchester brothers are here to stay. Here are a few good reasons why they’re immortal.

Renewed for a whopping 14th season recently, Supernatural is showing no signs of slowing down. That’s because of rabid fans, the main cast staying intact and overall interest in the beyond remaining relevant. Cheers to that.

The ghost of the week slaying duo somehow keep busy week in and week out. Surviving the likes of now defunct shows like Reaper, Cult and The Secret Circle it proves how you just can’t beat or replace the original no matter how hard you try.

There’s also a seemingly endless supply of myths to extract from the well, if the Lore podcast is any indication. So the boys will be busy for the foreseeable future. Here’s why.

5 – Syndication

This one is a no brainer. TNT currently airs reruns of Supernatural Monday through Friday from 10am to 2pm.

Supernatural Jared Padalecki Sam Winchester Mystery Spot
Samesies. Also, watch this episode if you haven’t yet ASAP. Source: Favim.com

It’s not like I played hooky from work for a month to find out or anything. Although I would highly advise the move if you are currently trying to exorcise a demon from your coworker, even if they are one in the same. It’s worth a shot. Anywho, syndication for Supernatural means a couple of things.

For one, new fans will be created on a daily basis. Home sick kids, unemployed folks and reckless babysitters are giving life to the Winchesters all the time. Take into account that daytime TV is astoundingly successful and you’ll realise that Sam and Dean are truly unstoppable.

It also means that even when new episodes stop production, these bad boys will still live on. They’ve already got 200+ episodes in the books. Can’t kill this show with holy water or a sawed off shotgun loaded with salt ammo. The CW is also super flexible with programming on their network. Go Winchesters! Let’s see what else works in their favour.

4 – Untapped supernatural myths

supernatural castiel
Castiel: Angel Badassery. Source: Nerdist.com

If season 5 of Supernatural had been the series finale, it would’ve been an excellent way to go. Storylines were wrapped, 100 solid episode run and seemingly nowhere else to go. Or so we thought. Just when you thought God and the devil were the be all and end alls, they call in the calvary. Fairies, Unicorns and Golems – oh my!

That’s right. They dug DEEP into the abyss of the imagination and pulled out some gems from nowhere. The trickiest part is getting these stories to work and for the most part they do. Slenderman was already the basis for one episode. They even spun a kickass story based on The Wizard of Oz. Leave it to the Supernatural writers to make a scary story that much more horrifying.

So if they could do that, what else could they pull from? There are tons of stories they could get their hands on. Most impressively, they pulled off a Scooby-Doo crossover episode: Scoobynatural.

Supernatural Sam Winchester Dean Winchester Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki Scooby Doo CW
This was real and it was, like, totally cool man! Source: Bloody-disgusting.com

The sky really is the limit in the Supernatural writers room.

3 – Our obsession with the supernatural itself

Supernatural Changeling
Sleep tight! Source:Moleempire.com

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a fan of ghost stories in general. For some reason, we love ghost stories. It’s one of the reasons why Supernatural has been so successful. People just love getting freaked out, if only for a moment.

And it isn’t all out gory, crappy-pants scary like American Horror Story or Hostel. Except for maybe the clown episodes. Can we just stop with those please? No need to feed on our colourophobia, thanks.

Everything from haunted houses, scary movies and YouTube video hoaxes reflect our love of being scared. Our curiosity of the unknown and what could be on the other side of life’s veil sends a pleasuring shiver down our spines.

As long as our traditions of telling scary stories continue, so will the show. And this is something that many cultures do, so creeping each other out is universal. It’s like the Ouroboros, the snake eating its own tail. We tell horror stories, Supernatural reimagines those stories and we continue to watch. The cycle never ends.

2 – The Winchester brothers are staying put

supernatural winchester brothers
Not getting out until you do another 14 seasons! – Every Supernatural fan. Source: Spoilertv.com

With Supernatural‘s renewal for a 14th season and the commitment from everyone on board, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are going nowhere. Both guys who play Sam and Dean respectively have also said as much. That’s huge, especially when most TV stars try to make their push to the big screen or some other venture.

Another reason they’ll be hangin’ around is because the spin offs they’ve been trying to develop rarely pan out. Although that won’t stop the CW from trying. There’s one more coming soon called Wayward Sisters, based on an episode from earlier this season. Starring an all female cast that was slowly introduced over the Supernatural series, it promises to be better than Bloodlines or Ghostfacers web series. Fingers crossed it works out, these gals pack a serious punch.

They’re all pretty much fan favourites. Speaking of which, the main reason Supernatural has lasted and will last for a long time to come is because of…

1 – The Fans aka SPN Family

Supernatural Convention Castiel Misha Collins
They heart us! They really heart us! Source: Creationent.com

Supernatural fans may possibly be the best fans of a TV series ever. They’ve held conventions all over the world. They’re easily trending on Twitter week in and week out whenever a new episode airs. They also rally behind star Jared Padalecki’s various charity campaigns to help stop depression. As well as even running their own website that brings fans together from across the globe.

They’ve been so dedicated that the showrunners even decided to dedicate the 200th episode in their honour. In fact, fans get various winks in episodes from time to time that help keep viewership alive and unique. Add in that the actual cast reciprocate often at those conventions and on social media and you can see why Supernatural has the longevity and praise it’s had for all these years and many more to come.

So for all you idjits (thanks for that word, Bobby Singer) who haven’t checked it out yet, do it. Grab a slice of Dean’s favourite pie or Sam’s vegan plate and binge all 14 seasons ASAP. It’s so good you’ll want to sell your soul to Crowley at the crossroads.

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