5 Actors Who Should Replace Daniel Craig As James Bond

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I say it’s about time that Daniel Craig retired as 007. Here are 5 other actors that I think would make a far better James Bond than Daniel Craig.

Daniel Craig has famously stated that he’d rather “slash his wrists” than play James Bond again. But for whatever reason, he’s back for the 5th time in the James Bond new movie (Bond 25).

I’m personally kind of sick of watching Daniel Craig. I don’t think he’s charming or cool or suave. In fact, I’d like to see a bunch of other actors in the James Bond new movie instead. Click here to read a more detailed explanation why.

1) Benedict Cumberbatch would make an awesome 007 in Bond 25…

Benedict Cumberbatch as James Bond. Source: Entertainment.ie

There’s been plenty of talk about the future of the James Bond franchise and many have linked Benedict Cumberbatch as next in line.

I think this is a great idea and reckon he fits the bill pretty well. He is suave, refined and good looking in a weird kind of way but he has a certain charm that Daniel Craig never had. And his voice is just so smooth.

While Daniel Craig couldn’t seem to make up his mind about whether he should reprise his role in Bond 25, Cumberbatch was offered the role. During the London Film & Comic Con, he answered in the most coy way possible:

“No Comment.”

Hmmmm me thinks something is going here. Even if Daniel Craig signs up for Bond 25, we all know his days as 007 are numbered. In fact, you could say that he might ‘die another day.’ Haha!

So when that day comes I reckon Cumberbatch will be anxiously waiting. I certainly hope so. Step aside Daniel Craig, there can only be one!

2) Idris Elba could be the most exciting James Bond yet, for a number of reasons, but…

Idris Elba as James Bond. Source: Pinterest

Idris is most well known for roles such as Detective John Luther in Luther and Nelson Mandela in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, but he has a bunch of really diverse roles in other movies and TV shows.

He seems to shine when it comes to tough guy detective roles, which would make him more than suitable to play James Bond. He has the height, he has the looks, he has the suaveness, and most interestingly, he has the toughness needed to pull off a side of James Bond that many other candidates just can’t.

With the direction of cultural diversity that Hollywood is heading in I think it would be super interesting to have a black James Bond.

But having said that, not every one agrees with that decision. Oh well, everyone’s entitled to their opinion I guess. Even Idris Elba himself has mixed feelings about portraying 007 in a James Bond new movie. But who says that has to be white?

3) Tom Hiddleston could be the front runner for future James Bond movies.

Tom Hiddleston as James Bond. Source: Echo Base

He’s a pretty safe option which isn’t a bad thing. Not exactly ground breaking in any way but no one can say that he doesn’t fit the bill. He is arguably the most suave and refined I think (except for number 5 of the list).

Tom Hiddleston is right at home depicting upper class seduction but lacks in the grit department. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing Hiddleston as Bond but in a perfect world I’d like to see someone who is both rugged and refined. Is that too much to ask?

Anyone who’s seen Hiddleston in High-Rise would agree that he looks great in a fancy suit which is a pre-requisite to play James Bond.

Plus in his role as Loki in various Marvel movies he is pretty impressive at seducing super-villains of any gender, which is also useful. This could come in handy when trying to save the world.

So Tom definitely has a few tricks up his sleeve to be a convincing James Bond, but can he handle the hard hitting action of a James Bond movie?

4) Tom Hardy would be my favourite James Bond ever.

Tom Hardy as James Bond. Source: maverickfilm.co

When I think of a tough, charming Englishman, Tom Hardy is the first person to come to mind. This recipe makes him the perfect James Bond.

I can see it now. Tom Hardy with his hair flawlessly gelled back, sipping on a martini while slamming some poor bastard’s face into the bar table.

If you’ve seen Tom Hardy in Legend than you would know exactly what I’m talking about. If that film didn’t prove he could play Bond than nothing will. Plus it shows he has some sick acting chops.

Hardy’s one of the few actors that has the right mix of suave and grit. The pure masculinity and arrogance he brings to his roles is perfect for James Bond. Let’s make this happen!

5) Michael Fassbender could be the most seductive James Bond ever.

Michael Fassbender as James Bond. Source. Daily Express

Whenever I watch Michael Fassbender I’m in awe of his elegance. He manages to find a way to exude uber masculinity without looking or acting threatening, which really captures what James Bond is all about.

I don’t find Fassbender as exciting a leading man as Tom Hardy but he’s close and he sure beats Daniel Craig who has the charisma of an unsalted potato chip.

Fassbender looks great in a suit and was made for the high life. He’s a man’s man and has mad skills as an actor. I reckon he can give the James Bond character a seductive appeal that no one on this list can match.

So there you have it, my list of 5 actors that should replace Daniel Craig as James Bond. If any one on this list makes it in future James Bond movies then I reckon the franchise is in good hands.

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