4 Very Good Geek YouTube Channels

GIQUE out with us and share.

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You like geek stuff? You like YouTube? Here are 4 geek YouTube channels for your viewing pleasure!

Being a geek in todays world is a weird concept. What does the word even mean nowadays? It used to mean that you were into technology and fantasy books and comic characters and things like that. Now it seems like every person on the internet has those interests – and that’s awesome!

If you’re using technology to view a site that primarily carries geek-related content (which you obviously are) then you just might enjoy these 4 YouTube channels!

Egotastic Funtime

Subscriber count as of publishing: 25.8K subscribers

JP, the host of the channel, is a pretty wholesome and inclusive guy. He’s also a very charismatic barrel-chested dude, which is something I can appreciate because I’m exactly like that (apart from the charismatic part).

He’s consistently all over the latest breaking Sci-Fi news. Egotastic Funtime is my personal one-stop-shop for news regarding Star Trek (it’s how I heard about Star Trek: Lower Decks) and The Orville. He also covers a bunch of other stuff, such as The Mandalorian.

His livestreams have this chill vibe to them that I totally adore. They’re under-produced in all the right ways. In fact, on the latest livestream he basically said that he considers livestreams less ‘content’ and more ‘just hanging out and chatting with his internet buddies.

Notice how he didn’t say fans? Not many YouTubers could call you their buddy and sound authentic at the same time, but JP can. He’s like Uncle Iroh from the Avatar: The Last Airbender Show/Comics. You know the things he’s saying should sound cheesy – but he actually means them, so it somehow doesn’t.

Also, did I mention he’s pretty wholesome? Being wholesome on YouTube is brave as fuck, because it doesn’t get you clicks from strangers. Being an asshat gets you clicks from strangers, being nice doesn’t.

Side Note: I haven’t heard it on any of the recent videos I’ve watched, but his outro theme is my favourite outro theme on all of YouTube.


Subscriber count as of publishing: 131K subscribers

If Egotastic Funtime has my favourite outro song on YouTube (which it does) then ComicTropes has my favourite intro song on YouTube. The basswork is sublime, and yes that’s probably the wrong thing for me to concentrate on here.

It also goes one step further: In some of his videos (there are different types on the channel, more on that later) he does this thing where he gets footage of himself doing something only barely related to the video topic and then pretends as though the viewer catches him in the act. You can see it for yourself in the video above, where he relates Venom to Blockbuster video.

How often can you say you’ve begun enjoying the video before it starts? This channel is absolutely *chef kiss*!

The host, Chris Piers, is a comic artist himself. While many of his videos are deep-dives into comic history, there are also quite a few of him drawing certain comic characters so it’s a great channel for other artists as well.

Much like JP from Egotastic Funtime, Chris has a knack for addressing controversial issues (GET IT? COMICS? ISSUES?) (That’s the fifth time you’ve used that joke, Liam – The Editor) without sounding like a bitter old man about it. Unlike a certain writer I know.

(It’s me, I’m the writer I know)


Subscriber count as of publishing: 305K

GoodBadFlicks (a name that would carry a completely different meaning if it used a different font) is a channel hosted by Cecil Trachenburg that mostly discusses films.

It mainly does two types of videos: Vaguely-Mystery-Science-Theatre-3000-style film reviews and film deep-dives (where the focus is on the historical background and production process of the film).

The channel uses professional-level asethetics, which is something I appreciate a lot. All too often, even with the previous two entries on this post, I’ll be interested in a video (based on the title) only to be turned away by the poor audio quality. I couldn’t care less about the visual quality – I’d be more than happy to watch a channel that uses MS Paint for all its graphics, for instance – but I’ll skip a video if the background audio buzz is louder than the host, or even if the volume’s too low.

Fortunately for me, I don’t need to deal with that when I’m watching GoodBadFlicks. From the quality of the aesthetics to the variety of films covered, GoodBadFlicks is a great channel that you should be watching if you consider yourself to be a film buff.

I know barely covered the channel here. Just watch the channel – I promise you won’t regret it!


Subscriber count as of publishing: 1.84M

Comics Explained is a YouTube channel hosted by a very prolific dude named Robert Jefferson, or ‘Rob’ as he’s known on the channel.

In the video above you can hear Rob explain that he doesn’t put ‘What if?’ on the title of his ‘What if?’ videos. There’s a problem with that: A channel named ‘Comics Explained‘ is probably going to get a lot of views from non-comic fans who are after information. They’ll look at the video title and probably think ‘Hey, I like Deadpool and Batman – I didn’t know they were in a comic together!

The thing is, they weren’t. But look at that subscriber count: 1.84 million.

It’s not technically clickbait, but it sure feels like it.

So why am I recommending this channel, even though I have issues (DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT – The Editor) with some of the Comics Explained video titles?

Imagine that someone hands you a piece of paper and says to you ‘Hey – you like money, right? Come to this address tonight after dark and you’ll be surrounded by money!‘ so you decide that’d be awesome, and you decide to attend the invite.

You turn up and it’s an awesome party in a bank, and your favourite band is performing. Sure, the inviter made it sound like you’d get rich – but they didn’t lie and they delivered on their promise, and now you’re listening to Faith No More (or whatever your favourite band is).

That’s why Comics Explained has so many subscribers. Simply put: You go for the Deadpool/Batman deathmatch but you stay for the top-notch entertainment.

While the way that Rob titles his videos tends to annoy me, that’s the only thing about his content that does. This guy LOVES comics, and I get a happy shiver up my spine every single time he says ‘OH MAN, LEMME TELL YA’ and then proceeds to explain why he’s so damn excited about what he’s talking about.

Oh wait – I forgot to recommend channels that discuss video games! I guess I’ll have to dedicate a whole other post to it – OH WELL! Also comment below or not whatever.

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