3 Random YouTube Channels You Might Enjoy

GIQUE out with us and share.

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Okay, I’m technically using the word ‘random’ wrong – but you know what I mean.

Any of our regular readers may be wondering why I didn’t use the phrase ‘deserves more subscribers’ in the titles. Let’s just say I’m trying an experiment, eh? Besides – you’ll (possibly) still get introduced to some interesting YouTube channels, so it’s not like you’re missing out, dear reader!

Random YouTube Channel: TheHigherSideChats

Subscriber count as of publishing: 76.9k

Okay, this one comes with a pretty major caveat: If you’re a big fan of the scientific method (as I am) and taking the word of the so-called authorities at face value (eh, not so much), you might not get a lot out of this channel.

In other words, TheHighersideChats is the kind of show where the guests unironically use the phrase ‘hidden knowledge’ to describe their fringe theories (to be clear, that’s not supposed to be an insult) in the exact same way that a Hollywood scriptwriter would use the phrase ‘lost episode of The Office’ to describe a script that the producers of The Office didn’t want to buy.

But you might enjoy the show for the same reason that I do: The host.

Greg Carlwood (the host of the show/podcast) is essentially a magnet for fringe theorists. Although I rarely agree with the views expressed by the guests (I can count on one hand the number of times that’s happened), I always appreciate the way that Greg interacts with them.

I guess there’s something about the podcast format, because if I were to hear people discussing this stuff in real life, I’d probably just make some excuse to leave the room. Hearing Greg interact with his guests makes it more interesting for me, and to be completely honest I genuinely don’t understand why that is. Maybe it’s just how my mind is reacting to all the 5G towers.

I’m joking of course, but that’s a good segue into the downside of the channel: Some of his guests have some very radical and unscientific ideas. However, as they just want to talk – and aren’t, say, advocating for violence – I can respect that there’s a place they feel they can be heard. And Greg, as I do, draws the line at considering white supremacy a valid political stance.

Point is, it’s worth listening to the podcast at least once so you can hear Greg’s AMAZING introductions. He’s possibly, and I’m not joking, the host with the best guest introduction spiels in the entire world.

And I know I just spent nearly half the article on this one channel, but I felt it was important to put some of this stuff in context. I don’t believe most of the stuff I hear there, but I still find it fascinating and maybe you will too.

Random YouTube Channel: Fatboy Slim

Subscriber count as of publishing: 310k

If you’ve already heard of Fatboy Slim, I’m going to answer both of your questions: Yes, THAT Fatboy Slim, and No, I don’t know why his sub count isn’t in the millions.

If you don’t know who Fatboy Slim is, I cannot help you.

Oh wait, yes I can. I bet you’ve heard this:

Or this:

Or maybe this, which is one of the best filmclips of all time and I will fight anyone who says otherwise (unless they’re bigger than me):

Fun Fact: I didn’t press play on any of those songs and yet they’re somehow all now stuck in my head at the same time and it’s a glorious cacophony of mismatched beauty.

Anyway, Mr Slim (YES I KNOW IT’S NOT HIS REAL NAME, JEEZ) started doing a lockdown mix playlist during the COVID-19 lockdown, and he hasn’t stopped yet. That’s the playlist there at the top of this section.

One of my favourite things about his channel is that the comment section for most of his videos are just people chilling and vibing. They’re not arguing about which album is the best one. They’re not promoting conspiracies about various concerts he performed at. They’re not calling other people names or being bigots.

They’re just all like ‘Hey these beats are pretty fucking awesome’ and I don’t know about you but I wish all fandoms would behave like that.

All of this gives me the impression that Fatboy Slim is wholesome as fuck and believe me I am so here for that, bro.

Random YouTube Channel: Quinton Reviews

Subscriber count as of publishing: 376k

Quinton Reviews is a very entertaining bespectacled Garfield enthusiast who once reviewed all of the non-named bees in the Bee Movie Universe – not just the movie, the Bee Movie UNIVERSE itself – and no I’m not joking.

He’s one of those rare YouTubers who’s been involved (however slightly) in a few YouTube dramas without being defined by it.

His YouTube videos are quite often like my blogposts here on GIQUE: They’re not in-depth reviews of stuff as much as stories he’s sharing about things he experienced while trying to answer a simple question like ‘What was the very first Garfied comics strip of all time?’ or ‘WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE HISTORY CHANNEL?’

One of my favourites things about him is that he takes his work seriously without taking himself seriously. Man, I wish I could do that.

He also had a series called Fallen Titans, which discussed popular YouTubers that – well, it’s called Fallen Titans, what do you think happened to them? That they flew to the moon and started starring in ad campaigns for alien companies?

Can you imagine?

‘JOJI SAYS: Use Gimblemorf’s Wingdoongers today!’

Well that probably wasn’t a good example because George Miller appears to be doing okay for himself, but you get my point I’m sure.

Quinton Reviews also does great videos on non-Garfield pop culture, such as Star Wars and various animated shows/films.

Sure – his surname is kind of weird*, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying his channel!

*I’m nearly sorry about that joke – NEARLY.

Did you already watch one or more of these channels? Are there others like this one you think that the author might enjoy? Feel free to comment below!

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