Winter has arrived – Recap of Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere

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Winter is here: Game of Thrones Recap Season 7-Episode 1:Dragonstone

Warning this does contain some spoilers.
The most anticipated day of the year has finally arrived – 17th of July 2017. This intriguing episode has started the winter season rolling on from last seasons story-line, which means; we are totally in for yet another epic season of the best show on television.

Arya serves a dish of Karma

The episode opened with plenty of confusion – even I was questioning what was going on.
How could that cruel heartless old man Walder Frey still be standing? And even celebrating with yet another feast in the room where the tragic episode of ‘The Red Wedding’ took place?
Of course, it was revealed to be none other than the many faced girl taking on his identity. Arya Stark single-handedly just took down the entire Frey family with a batch of poisoned wine. Very, very satisfying to watch.

When people ask what happened here, tell them the North remembers. Tell them Winter came for House Frey”

With a cheeky smile from Arya, karma was a key theme in episode one, and possibly a peek into what we can expect for the rest of the season.
There’s another glimpse of Arya in the episode when she comes across some soldiers relaxing by a fire and singing. Enter Ed Sheeran, and enter internet explosion of disgruntled trolls.

Ed singing to Ayra
Photo: Courtesy of HBO

The North 

At Winterfell, we are in council with King Snow – I could get use to saying that.
Jon is discussing strategies on how they are going to fight the White Walkers. Sansa stands up to her half brother and disagrees with his choices. These involve the Wildlings becoming members of the ‘Night’s Watch’ and to start training children and women to assist.
Sansa also points out the betrayal among the Houses siding with the Bolton’s instead of House Stark. She’s making things very awkward.
Jon receives a note from Cersei about facing his crimes at King’s Landing. Sansa points out he needs to be cautious when it comes to her as she has a habit of taking revenge on anyone that has crossed her path – dragon-fire anyone? It seems like Sansa is starting to admire Cersei, in approach, and hairstyles.

Sansa channeling Cersi-s hair do Photo: Courtesy of HBO

A Queen in Question

In King’s Landing, another set of siblings are seen arguing. Cersei is standing on a painted map of Westeros announcing she is Queen of the Seven Kingdom’s. Jamie is standing on the outside of the map (maybe symbolic to the fact his not interested in her anymore or her power) snaps back at Cersei saying “Three Kingdom’s at best”.
Both continue to discuss the fate of the Lannister name. Jamie tells Cersei she needs to have allies to not only win the wars that are coming, but even to just help feed her people.
Cersei invites the disowned Euron Greyjoy for a meeting in the throne room to become an ally – because of his fleet of ships. She gets more than she bargained for with a proposal, which she rejects. That love stuff is hard.

Will Cersi stay on the Iron Throne? Photo: Courtesy of HBO

The Wall and a Hound

At Castle Black, Bran and Meera have made it safely to the gate. Not a lot more to add to their story at the moment.
The Hound is back with his classic stubborn wit and one liners. But we get to see a softer side to him in the episode tonight. That’s one thing I like about Game of Thrones – the characters evolve so much over the years to a point where the likes of Jaime, Sansa and The Hound are very different people than when they started.
An important discussion commences when The Hound asks Beric why is he still alive. As the pair are talking, Thoros (who should be known as Top Knot) is casually lighting a fire.
He invites the Hound to come over – which he’s not keen on. Eventually he does go over. The Hound sees ‘A wall of ice’ in the flames. Prophetic stuff.

Sam and his dream

Oh then we come to poor Sam who really does have the shittiest job (pun intended) and the scenes are not for the faint-hearted. Despite what he has been forced to do before becoming a Maester, Sam actually rebels a little for the greater good.
Sam isn’t given access to the restricted area, which he believes will help him in his quest to find a way to defeat The White Walkers. Sam steals the keys to the restricted area of the library and finds some useful information that he sends to Jon, including a map of where to find Dragonglass, which is in a mountain at Dragonstone.
Soon after Sam is doing his dirty rounds, the scaly hand of Jorah appears behind a cell door. Gruesome scenes to follow in the next episode we think.

The End is here

In the last sequence of the episode we get to see that the Mother of dragons has finally made it to her beautiful home – Dragonstone. We witness her walk towards the castle, enter the Throne room, to the boardroom, and leave us hanging with these last few words “Shall we begin”.

A Queen is Home.
Picture from HBO

As always we are left hungry for more with plenty of questions.  Will Cersei stay on the Iron Throne? Will Sam’s message get to Jon in time? What is Daenerys’s plan now that she is home? Will Arya see her siblings?
Oh so much to think about.

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