What is Plotagon? Plotagon Explanation, Review & Tutorial

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What is Plotagon? We guide you through arguably the best animation software (at least for beginners) around.

Plotagon is a privately held company founded in 2011, based in Stockholm, Sweden.  Their one-of-a-kind application allows their customers, known as plotagonist, to create animated videos and characters by using a script style layout.

Plotagon has three primary uses:

Plotagon Studio is for businesses, nonprofits, and governments use. Bosses can create animated training, marketing, and instructional videos for their employees.
Plotagon Education is for schools at all levels. Teachers can use the animated characters to teach students different languages and subjects. Schools can use the software to bring about awareness to the students on tough issues like bullying, rape, and drugs.
Plotagon Story is where most of the plotters come in.  Unlike Studio and Education, the Story software is free to download for the personal computer and mobile devices. The download comes with a few stock characters, backgrounds, and voices. Any other add-ons you must buy.
Don’t worry – they price them reasonably, ranging from .99 cents a background up to $4.99 for a voiceover. Then they have their bundles, ranging from .99 cents to $14.99.
Oh, cannot forget their Golden Ticket, which is $49.99 for most of Plotagon’s content.

How To Use Plotagon

Plotagon is easy to use. Even a not-so-tech-savvy person like myself can use this animated software.

Character Creations

Images from Plotagon. Character created by T.L. Hicks  Image created by T.L. Hicks using Canva.

You can create a male, female, aliens, dogs, cats. Pretty much anything your imagination can create, but in humanoid form.

Creating Plots

(Left) Characters created by T.L. Hicks. (Right) Stock scenes and characters from Plotagon.

Plots, also known as scenes or stories, is where your action and dialogues are.  If you do not know about script writing, you will get a taste of it in Plotagon. Everything is in script format. Don’t worry though, next to the script is the video version. You can play and replay until you get what you want.
To make a video plot, click on the movie camera icon on top of the page. There is a tutorial plot to show you how to create a plot.
For those who do not have an account, here you go. Select a scene and add your character(s). Type the dialogue for each of the character(s).
You can add emotions (surprised, sulking, happy) or actions (blow a kiss, coughing, flirty).
There is one character “acting on” to another character (caress, kiss, slap).
You can even have background noises (crowd laughing, sirens going off, the sound of thunder) or music.
You can switch scenes and add the same or different characters.

Screenshots of a Plot T.L. Hicks created in Plotagon.

When you are satisfied with your plot, hit the “Render Video” and write the title and a tagline of your story. Don’t forget to add hashtags.
You can click on “Save Video File” to save the plot to your device or click on “Publish” to publish the plot to your community page.
You have an option to upload to your YouTube channel or use the video you downloaded and upload it to YouTube. If you upload to YouTube, use the hashtag #plotagonyoutube.

Plotagon Review

I am using all the free items right now. It will be a while before I buy anything. But, what I have used of it, it is a great creative tool for the skillful and skill-less. If you are anything like me, this software is right up your alley.

The Good

The Acapela Group created the 70 plus different languages and digital voiceovers, and they sound robotic. Some words are pronounced inaccurately. But you can work around those.
How you type the word(s) out helps with the pronunciations. I had to separate Kassandra’s name to Ka ssandra for the voiceovers to pronounce it correctly.
But don’t let the pre-made voiceovers stop you. You don’t have to use their voices; you can use yours. When you are creating your plot, you have a choice to record your voice and/or your friends.
The more you use it, the more you learn the tricks of the trade, which can make the limited plots become limitless.
The company is growing and evolving thanks to their imagination and the imaginations of their plotagonist. They are thinking of new ways to improve their features, and in turn helps users – I mean plotagonist – to create amazing Plots.
The software is for all ages, even though it is rated T for Teen.  I felt old at first, but I found out there are many plotters my age and older. So, don’t let age stop you from bringing your imagination to life.
They price all the add-ons (extra features) reasonably.


I downloaded the app to my tablet and smartphone. I have the software on my personal computer and there are differences.  With the mobile devices, I got the two Android stock characters for free, but they are .99 cents each for the personal computer. Also, the app runs rougher on the mobile devices than on the software on the personal computer.
Your plots are saved to your device. One thing though – when you log in to your account from one device, you will not see the unpublished plots from your other devices. You will only see those you created (and not published) on that device. Now, when you go to your community page, you will see all the uploaded plots you created on any, and all, of your devices.
You cannot change the size or weight of your characters.
If you want the voices to sound emotional, like ranges in the voice (yelling, singing, a change in tempo), it is best to use your voice or a friend’s voice.


Give the application/software  a few weeks. Take time and get to know it.
For people with a limited-to-absent budget, for people with no skills to mad skills, Plotagon will make it hard for you to put it down.
And now, introducing my creation: “The Crossover Tales of Kassandra”. Ta-da!

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