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What happened to Presto?

And then there were two, streaming services that is. If you’re wondering what happened to Presto, we can tell you that it’s no more.

Foxtel have officially announced their intentions to cease Presto from January 31st next year.

This is partially due to Foxtel’s desire to shift its full attention towards its existing service Foxtel Play, and partially due to Presto’s crapness. Pardon my subjectivity.
While this would be met with sadness by all avid Presto users (353,000 people apparently), Netflix and Stan will be dancing like drunk teenagers on their first time clubbing.

What do you have? Source: diligency.

For the US owned Netflix, this is just another step towards world domination.

Just 12 months after its launch, Netflix reaches over a quarter of Australians aged over 14. That really is quite monstrous.
On the other hand, the death of Presto could be vital for Stan’s success. The Australian exclusive streaming company reaches roughly 500,000 more viewers than Presto, a considerable difference. Still, this sits nearly four million behind Netflix. Picking up Presto’s left overs could go far to keeping them afloat.

Ultimately, Presto’s demise should come as a surprise to few.

The streaming market is crowded to the point of overflowing. Their selection of programs was poor. For a similar sized service, Stan offers so much more, and so much more quality.
That being said, they did have Mr Robot. And Mr Robot rules.
Still, will you shed any tears?

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