WandaVision: Episode 5 – Synopsis

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Episode 5: ‘On a Very Special Episode…’

Cold Open

The episode opens with a long shot of the WandaVision household, replete with an 80s-style jingle to ease us into the newly updated Westview reality.

Inside, Wanda and Vision are trying to get their two newborns to sleep. Wanda tries to use her magic on them to send them to dreamland, but she fails. It’s unclear if that’s because someone else is stopping her, but it’s probably the kids themselves stopping her

Wanda seems at her wits end. She asks Vision if they just need some help, and Agnes knocks at the door.

She refers to herself as ‘Auntie Agnes’ – this heavily implies that she is indeed Agatha Harkness (or at least the audience is supposed to think she is), because Wanda often called the character ‘Auntie Agatha’ in the comics.

However, Vision is somewhat reticent to let Agnes help.

She nervously asks Wanda: ‘Uh – do you want me to take that again?’ (as in ‘should we restart the scene in this TV show again?’) which confuses Wanda and Vision.

However, Wanda suggests that they let Agnes try, all while everyone chuckles nervously about what just happened.

Vision pulls Wanda aside and asks her what that was all about, but Wanda dismisses his concerns. Vision notices the babies have stopped crying, and goes to investigate their cribs – they’re not there.

Before Wanda and Vision can panic, the twins – now magically aged up by about 5 years – greet them.

Agnes, sitting on the kitchen counter, shakes her head and casually says: ‘Kids – can’t control’ em no matter how hard you try’.

The audience is then treated to an opening sequence clearly inspired of the Family Ties intro.

The intro includes pictures of Vision as a child – which is strange because Vision was never a child.

Episode (Part 1)

The show then goes back to the SWORD base of operations just outside the Westview Anomaly.

Monica Rambeau is lying on a bed, being scanned by a medical imaging device.

Agent Woo and Dr Lewis enter and welcome her back to the site. Although she’s asked to stay in the infirmary, Rambeau chooses to discharge herself so she can attend an upcoming briefing.

At the briefing, Woo and Rambeau argue about Wanda’s ‘villain status’ with the commanding officer, Director Hayward.

Tired of their subordination, Hayward shows them footage of Wanda kidnapping Vision’s corpse from a SWORD facility.

Woo points out that taking Vision’s body was against the Sokovia Accords – the document/legislation that Civil War was all about in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Hayward adds that it was also against Vision’s will and last testament. Hayward, showing a semblance of empathy for the first time in the series, attributes her actions to Wanda’s grief.

After the briefing, Lewis wonders aloud about Vision: ‘What’ll happen when he learns the truth?

Meanwhile, back in the WandaVision reality, the twins have found a stray pup and try to talk their parents into letting them keep him.

Vision, with his ‘everyman’ hologram on, enters the room. Wanda ask him why he’s not in his natural state, and he replies: ‘It’s just a precaution really. I had a hunch that someone might pop over…with…exactly the item we require’ – as Agnes enters the house carrying a doghouse.

Vision is perplexed, and finally begins to suspect that Wanda is hiding something from him.

The twins are told they can’t have a pet until they’re ten – so they both age themselves forward another 5 years and whammo: They’re 10 now, and they decide to call the dog ‘Sparky’.

Back at the SWORD ops centre, Rambeau, Lewis, and Woo are trying to work out how to get back into the Westview Anomaly. Lewis wants them to call the Westview Anomaly ‘the hex’, due to its hexagonal shape, but nobody else calls it that (which isn’t very fetch of them).

They discover that Monica’s ‘70s clothes are, in fact, her original SWORD suit that she entered The Hex with – they’re made of kevlar. This means that Wanda isn’t making things from thin air, she’s altering things on a molecular level.

Back inside The Hex, Norm (one of Vision’s workmates) is being introduced to a computer for the first time. Much hilarity ensues, until Vision uses his powers to ‘un-hex’ Norm.

Norm, now back to his normal self, is terrified: ‘You HAVE to stop her. She’s in my head. None of it is my own. It hurts. It hurts so much. Just make her stop. Just MAKE. HER. STOP!

Vision ‘re-hexes’ Norm to stop his pain, and Norm immediately returns to his Westview Anomaly personality.

Back at the WandaVision household, Wanda and the twins are playing with their new dog. The twins ask where Vision is, and they realise that Wanda is lying to them. They ask if she has a brother, and she tells them that she does.

Sparky starts barking at the front door, due to the sound of a SWORD drone outside. Wanda goes outside, and Sparky escapes.

Rambeau tries talking to Wanda via the drone, but Hayward override her and tries to open fire on her.

In response, Wanda leaves The Hex and confronts SWORD, telling them to leave her and her family alone.


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Episode (Part 2)

Wanda and the twins are outside looking for Sparky.

Sadly, it turns out he’s dead – he’d eaten leaves from Agnes’ azalea bush.

Later on, Vision, having buried the dog in their backyard, laments the situation. Wanda, in typical form, dismisses his concerns.

Vision confronts Wanda about Norm, and the two have an argument while the credits roll – the credits glitch out as the argument becomes more heated, and the two being yelling at each other.

They’re interrupted by the doorbell.

Wanda’s twin, Pietro, is at the door – even though he’s supposed to be dead.

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