WandaVision: Episode 3 – Synopsis

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Episode 3: Now In Color

Episode 3 (Part 1)

The show opens with Wanda receiving a pregnancy check up with their family doctor, Dr Nielson.

Although it’s only been 12 hours since the conception, Wanda is somehow 4 months pregnant. Vision sees Dr Nielson to his car, and the doctor wishes them luck – he’s going on holiday and won’t be available.

As the doctor leaves, Vision notices that their neighbour Herb is cutting into the fence with his hedgetrimmer. When this is pointed out to him, Herb thanks Vision for his input but continues cutting the fence. Vision goes back inside to tell Wanda about this, but is distracted by the fact that Wanda’s pregnancy is even further along than before – it’s clearly going to a be an incredibly quick gestation period.

Later on, Wanda and Vision are in the nursery. Vision is reading childcare books, and Wanda is using her powers to prepare the nursery for their new arrival. Wanda accidentally turns some wooden butterflies into real ones, possibly due to saying the word ‘fluttery’.

The pair begin discussing what to call the baby if it’s a boy, Billy or Tommy – and many comic fans watching the show nod knowingly, while Wanda paints a stork on the wall.

Vision practices changing diapers on a doll that’s clearly a Brady Bunch reference, and Wanda begins having false contractions. Vision teaches Wanda some breathing exercises, which sound like ‘he he who’. Many comic fans (probably the same ones from before) nod knowingly at the ‘he he’ part.

Although Wanda tries the exercises, they don’t alleviate her pain, and the kitchen goes crazy due to Wanda’s subconscious use of her powers – the sink magically overfills, the fridge starts shaking, that kind of thing.

Vision checks the neighbourhood, and finds that Wanda’s powers have affected the entire block, which is now suffering an electrical blackout.

Wanda wonders if the neighbours will notice it’s them due to the many close calls they’ve had, and Vision begins to analyse the situation.

He looks directly into the camera and says ‘I think something’s wrong here Wanda’ . Wanda looks distressed for a moment, and then the show glitches back a few second, similar to how to Wanda rewound time in the previous episode.

The two have heartfelt moment, Wanda goes into labor as Vision freaks out.


This episodes advertisement is for a bath powder named Hydra Soak, with the slogan ‘Find the Goddess Within!

Episode 3: (Part 2)

Vision uses his superspeed to go get Dr Nielson.

Meanwhile, Geraldine visits Wanda, asking to use a bucket for the busted pipes in her house, all while Wanda tries to hide her pregnancy from Geraldine.

The two begin chatting, but Wanda notices that the stork painting from the nursery has turned into a living stork, which Wanda is unable to make disappear with her powers – our first sign that Wanda might not be in control of the TV show.

Wanda and Geraldine end up in the nursery, where Geraldine/Monica finds out that Wanda is pregnant.

Meanwhile, Dr Neilson’s car isn’t working, so he hasn’t left for his holiday yet. Vision finds him and whisks him back to Wanda, still using his superspeed.

Back at the WandaVision house, Geraldine tries to help Wanda give birth, and she can’t help but notice the effects of Wanda’s out-of-control powers. Thankfully for Wanda, Monica chooses to focus on the childbirth – for now.

Wanda gives birth to a baby boy, right before Vision and Dr Nielson finally make it back to house. Geraldine and the doctor give the new parents some privacy, and Wanda asks Vision if he wants to meet his son as ‘himself’ (i.e. in his synthezoid form).

Vision reaches over to kiss Wanda, and she begins screaming – there’s another baby on the way, and many comic fans watching the show now have an insufferably smug look on their face.

After the second twin is delivered, Vision sees the doctor out of the house. The doctor says that he probably won’t go on his holiday now, saying ‘Small towns, you know…so hard to…escape’. Vision begins to ponder this, but is distracted by both of his neighbours, Agnes and Herb. Agnes mentions her unseen husband, Ralph, yet again.

Meanwhile, Geraldine and Wanda are still inside, bonding over the babies. Wanda tells Geraldine that she had a twin, Pietro, and sings a Sokovian lullaby to the babies.

Speaking about Wanda’s twin, Geraldine then says the first openly-MCU-related line to appear in the show: ‘He was killed by Ultron, wasn’t he?’ – but it’s not a question, it’s a statement.

This upsets Wanda.

Back outside, Agnes and Herb are doing their best to make Vision suspicious of Geraldine, stating she has ‘no home’ – a curious statement given that Geraldine complained about the pipes in her house bursting.

Back inside, Wanda becomes suspicious of Geraldine and tells her to leave.

Back outside again, Vision asks Agnes and Herb to explain what they mean about Geraldine.

Herb replies ‘She came here because…she came here because…she came here because we’re all…’

Back inside again, Wanda notices Geraldine’s necklace – A SWORD symbol – and slowly advances toward her.

Back outside yet again, Agnes and Herb both excuse themselves from Vision (and from any further questions). Vision rushes inside and asks where Geraldine is.

Wanda, sporting a creepy-yet-casual vibe, says ‘Oh, she left, honey. She had to rush home’, as the screen reverts to a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Back in the real (MCU) world, we see that Westview is real town, surrounded by some kind of electromagnetic field. Geraldine, covered in red energies, is forcefully ejected from the town.

As she’s set upon by a bunch of people in black military-style vehicles, we can see that the town is also surrounded by (what is presumably) containment gear, with large military-style tents nearby.

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