WandaVision: Episode 2 – Synopsis

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Episode 2: Don’t Touch That Dial


The animated intro is an homage to ‘60s shows such as Bewitched and I Dream Of Jeannie

Episode (Part 1)

The show opens with Wanda and Vision practising a magic act for an upcoming fund-raising talent show.

We find out that the talent show is ‘the event of the season’, and that the performance is very important to Wanda (because she thinks it will help the pair fit in with the rest of Westview).

The duo head their separate ways: Wanda to the talent show committee meeting, Vision to the library for a Neighbourhood Watch meeting.

Wanda decides to tidy up before she heads out, when she hears a strange drone-like noise, and then a loud thud. Checking outside, she sees a splash of colour in her rose bushes – it’s a toy helicopter. The chopper is red and yellow.

Wanda drops the toy when her neighbour Agnes startles her with a curious greeting: “Look, it’s the star of the show!”

Agnes gives Wanda a pet rabbit named Señor Scratchy for the upcoming magic act, and they head off together to the talent show committee meeting. On the way, Agnes tells Wanda that she should try to impress Dottie, who runs the committee: “Dottie is the key to everything in this town – country club memberships, parties, school admissions…”

At the committee meeting, everyone is on edge – everyone but Dottie, who proceeds to mock and belittle everyone at every chance she gets. At one point, Dottie says ‘The devil’s in the details’. Agnes quips to Wanda: ‘That’s not the only place he is’.

Wanda makes friends with another committee member named Geraldine, but Dottie doesn’t seem to want this to happen.

Dottie mentions that the fundraising for the talent show is ‘for the children’ – which the other committee members repeat.

Meanwhile, at the library, Vision’s having trouble fitting in: The ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ is actually just a gossip group for the men of the community.

Vision casually accuses one of the men of being a communist. The rest of the group take this to be a joke, and Vision doesn’t correct them, because he just wants to fit in.

One of the group offers him a stick of chewing gum, which Vision accidentally swallows.

This has a strange effect on Vision: It makes him act drunk.

Back at Dottie’s, Wanda is helping her pack things away after their meeting, while the radio plays in the background. Dottie makes it clear that she doesn’t trust Wanda. Wanda attempts to placate her, but is interrupted by a voice speaking over the radio, which says: ‘Wanda, can you read me? Wanda – it’s me.’

Dottie looks at Wanda and says: “Who are you?”

The radio then says ‘Wanda, who’s doing this to you? Wanda? Wanda?’ and proceeds to explode. Dottie, shocked by this, breaks the glass in her hand.

The glass cuts her hand, and Wanda sees another splash of colour: Dottie’s red blood.


This is an advert for the ‘Strucker Watch’ with the slogan ‘Strucker – he’ll make time for you’.

The watch also features the Hydra name and symbol.

Episode (Part 2)

The second half opens with (and is mainly concerned with) the talent show fundraiser. The banner for the show says ‘Talent Show – for the children’.

Vision, still ‘drunk’ from the swallowed gum, does a terrible job at the performance, and basically uses his powers to do everything. Wanda’s quick thinking saves the day, and she uses her powers to make everything seem like a normal non-arcane magic act.

During the act, Agnes again mentions her still-unseen-by-the-viewers husband, Ralph.

The cabinet of mysteries trick goes awry, and Wanda teleports her new friend Geraldine into the box.

Backstage after their act is over, Wanda realises what’s wrong with Vision, and teleports the chewing gum out of his system, which fixes him.

They try to sneak off, but an on-mic Dottie stops them, to tell them it’s the best act the talent show has ever seen, and even gives them an award. Wanda and Vision invite Geraldine onto the stage with them, and she asked how they did the teleportation trick, but they avoid answering the question.

An audience member yells out ‘For the Children!’, and the rest of the audience repeat it while applauding Wanda, Geraldine, and Vision.

At home later on, Wanda and Vision are chatting and casually repeat the phrase ‘for the children’.

When Wanda stands up, it’s clear that she’s now somehow pregnant.

As they begin to share their soon-to-be-parental joy with each other, there’s a loud crash from outside, which they both go to check out. They never discover the source of the noise, because they both notice a very strange sight: A man in a beekeeper suit (which bears a SWORD symbol) is exiting a nearby manhole.

He looks directly at them.

Wanda casually says ‘No’, and the show rewinds back to the moment Wanda stood up, pregnant.

This time, instead of hearing a loud noise at that point, Wanda and Vision kiss.

The show then becomes fully colourised – the very first thing to show colour is Vision’s head – which is, of course, red.

Just like the previous episode, the show closes with another hexagon-framed picture.

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