WandaVision: Episode 1 – Synopsis

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Episode 1: Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience


The episode opens with the Marvel intro, which eventually turns black-and-white and changes to 4:3 as the audio quality drops to lo-fi.

The intro (along with the rest of the episode) pays homage to ‘50s American sitcoms such as The Dick Van Dyke show and I Love Lucy.

Wanda hexes their houses ‘For Sale’ sign to read ‘Sold’ – a handy way to show off her powers for new fans. Vision then shows off one of his own powers: The ability to phase through objects.

We see that they live in town called Westview, and that their house number is 2800. The characters are introduced as themselves (as opposed to their actors), which tells us that this universe takes place outside of the MCU reality, but still within MCU continuity.

Episode (Part 1)

The episode opens with Wanda using her magic to do some housework, backed up by era-perfect music.

After a few lines, it’s clear that this show is definitely a sitcom, and not satire.

Wanda accidentally breaks a plate over Vision’s head, and then puts it back together. This shows that she has the ability to magically repair things, which might explain why Vision is alive – he died (twice!) in Avengers: Endgame.

She offers Vision some food, to which he replies: “Oh, I don’t eat food!” – a fact which Wanda surely knows, but perhaps we can chalk that up to the expository nature of ‘50s TV shows (not to mention comics).

Vision then notices that calendar entry for the day’s date, August 23rd, has a heart drawn in. Wanda looks just as surprised as Vision, but pretends she knows what it means. They banter about this for a bit, and then Vision heads off to work (presumably to avoid further discussion on the topic).

Before long, Wanda hears a knock at the door – it’s her neighbour, Agnes, who wants to introduce herself. Agnes asks about Wanda’s marital status, and Wanda tells Agnes that she’s married. Agnes points out that Wanda isn’t wearing a wedding ring, but Wanda decides on the spot that the calendar heart means that it’s her and Vision’s wedding anniversary. Agnes mentions her own husband, Ralph, who isn’t shown in the episode.

Meanwhile, Vision is at work, making plenty of jokes about how he’s totally human. He asks another worker what they all actually do there, and is given a nonsense answers – all while the classic Rock’n’Roll song ‘Yakety Yak’ plays in the background.

His boss, Mr Hart, reminds Vision that he invited the Harts (the boss and his wife) over for dinner tonight, so Vision assumes that’s what the calendar heart means.

Back at the house, Agnes grills Wanda about her ‘seduction techniques’.

The phone rings – it’s Vision, calling Wanda about the upcoming dinner, and comedy ensues as they misunderstand each other in classic sitcom fashion.


The audience is then treated to an in-universe advert. While it seems an ordinary ad – spruiking the benefits of the Stark Industries Toast Mate 2000 – it shows us the only colour in the entire episode. The countdown timer is a flashing red light which speeds up until the toast is ready.

The product slogan? ‘Forget the past, this is your future.’

Episode (Part 2)

Vision arrives home, followed by Mr and Mrs Hart.

They’re all surprised to find the lights turned down low, and Wanda tries to seduce the wrong person. Vision covers for her by saying that it’s a Sokovian tradition, which is the first time Wanda’s past has actually been mentioned.

After Wanda and Vision are on the same page, Wanda tries to get meal ready, and reaches out to Agnes for help, who obliges (before Wanda shoos her away). Wanda makes a lot of noise in the kitchen as she tries to prepare a feast in about 10 minutes. Mrs Hart almost catches Wanda using her powers, but she’s distracted at the last moment by Vision singing Yakety Yak.

Once dinner has been served and they’re all eating, the Harts enquire about Wanda and Vision’s past. Wanda and Vision clearly don’t remember. This upsets Mr Hart, so he keeps probing for answers. He slams the table – and begins choking on some food.

As Mr Hart chokes, Wanda stares into space as if her mind is broken, and even Vision seems unconcerned with his boss dying in front of them.

Mrs Hart, in contrast, casually smiles as if to say to Mr Hart ‘Oh you – you’re always embarrassing me!’), looks at Mr Hart and says ‘Stop it’, which she keeps repeating, even as Mr Hart falls to the floor.

Nobody moves to help him.

Mrs Hart’s repetitions of ‘Stop it’ become quicker but she never stops smiling – even though it’s clear she wants to. This goes on for long enough that it becomes uncomfortable for all involved – including the viewer.

Eventually, Wanda calmly says ‘Vision, help him’. Vision obliges, phasing his hand to pull the food from Mr Hart’s throat. If Mr Hart notices this, he doesn’t say anything.

The show returns to the normal sitcom vibe, and the Harts leave without commenting on the event (as though they’ve already forgotten it – or want to).

After the Harts leave, Wanda and Vision discuss their relationship. Among other things, they decide their song will be Yakety Yak, and Wanda magically creates some wedding rings for them.

The show ends with a hexagon graphic zooming in on Wanda and Vision, as Vision looks directly into the camera.

As the (fake) credits roll, the camera zooms out, making it clear that someone else watched the show on a monitor. The aspect ratio returns to the more modern 16:9, which is presumably how the show tells us that what we’re about to see is taking place in the real (MCU) world.

The WandaVision screen is surrounded by what appears to be surveillance equipment, some of which clearly shows a SWORD logo.

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