Truth Unfolds: Recap of Game of Thrones Episode 5, Eastwatch

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Secrets seeping through the pages: Recap of Game of Thrones, episode 5: ‘Eastwatch

If you were paying attention (unlike Sam), this episode contained some revealing secrets. If you have not seen this spoiler of an episode, close the book and run away.
‘Eastwatch’ has predicted that another massive finale will take place after the biggest secret landed in front of us. It confirmed Jon Snow’s background.
Additionally, this episode had a surprising return of an important character. Plus, Ceresi has exciting news, a dream team is formed, someone is up to his old tricks, and you don’t want to cross a queen. So basically, lots of good stuff in a little amount of time.

Magnificent Seven

I enjoy a puzzle, and I have been curious if there is anything within this season to signify the number seven. It was confirmed tonight.
This year Game of Thrones is in its seventh Season. It started in the seventh month of the year; lucky for us Aussies on the 17th of the month. It is the year 2017. This season has only seven episodes (sad face). The show’s essence is around who will be on the Iron Throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms.
In this episode, and with the current trend Game of Thrones is starting to have of ‘working together’ to ultimately fight the army of the dead, the creation of the dream team started.
This team contains seven members. Do you see the pattern and where I am going with this number? The Magnificent Seven are Jon Snow, The Hound, Jorah, Gendry, Tormund, Top Knot (Thoros) and Beric.
The greatest thing about this dream team is the connection each have with one another. It is also the first time all have been in a scene together at the one time. Another common theme in this season is ‘first meetings’.
We find the Hound and Co have been in Castle Black for the past few episodes. In discussion together the Magnificent Seven and Davos find common ground. They all realise they are on the same side (“We’re all breathing”), with the bigger picture than who is on the Iron Throne.
The dream team exit Castle Black on their way to battle it out with the White Walkers. It will be an intense sequence next week. Who will survive, or even become a White Walker?

The Magnificent Seven. Source: HBO

As per my last review, I mentioned the Night King will be getting a dragon. I am predicting that Daenerys is going to fly to where the Magnificent Seven are, but she will lose her dragon to the Night King.

Game Changer

At the Citadel, Sam enters the Maesters meeting room where they are discussing a note they have received from Bran. Bran has seen the White Walkers heading to Eastwatch, and shared the news in hope that preparation will be underway. The Maesters discuss possible reasons why not to believe the note. They even think it is a trick from Daenerys.
Despite Sam’s best efforts of trying to convince them all he’s seen what is coming, the Maesters decide to reply to Bran asking for confirmation: a cruel way of going back and forth instead of taking action and warning all in Westeros.
Later that evening Sam is back to his punishment of writing out the diaries of High Septon Maynard, while Gilly is reading some of the journals. Gilly is making comments that it mentions Maynard’s bowel movements, and stating some facts – 15,782 steps in the Citadel.
The most revealing secret among the pages is when Gilly asks Sam what an ‘annulment’ is. Sam explains what it is. Gilly goes on to say “Maynard says here that he issued an annulment for Prince ‘Ragger’ and remarried him to someone else at the same time in a secret ceremony in Dorne. Is that a common thing in the South?”
Before Gilly got her answer or could continue revealing more, Sam cracked. He ends up saying how the task is pointless and that “the secret to defeating the Night King’s probably sitting on some dusty shelf somewhere”.
Sam did not pay attention to anything Gilly has said. Now if you paid attention to what Gilly said, she was referring to Rhaegar and how he married someone else. Rhaegar in fact was secretly married to Lyanna Stark. Which means Jon Snow is no bastard, but the true King of the Seven Kingdoms and rightful heir to the Iron Throne. No wonder he has not ‘bent the knee’ to Daenerys, as she should be bowing to him instead.
Sadly, Sam also leaves the Citadel but not before going to the library to steal a bunch of books. Hopefully in these books – maybe even scrolls – he has some more information to leak.

Why didn’t you listen, Sam? Source HBO

Bend the knee or die

Washed to shore with their heavy armor still intact, we see Jamie and Bronn have survived the epic battle and not drowned. As they sit up and stare out to see the impact of what just happened, Jamie says: “That was only one, she has two more”. His first instinct is to go see Cersei.
Meanwhile, Tyrion explores the aftermath of the Spoilers of War, most likely to find his brother.
The war left havoc and devastation on the battle field. Bodies are frozen in time as nothing but ash. Eerie smoke rises from the rubble, while soldiers are left struggling to come to terms with losing to a creature of ravage.
The Dothraki collect the remaining soldiers that survived, and herd them to where Daenerys is with Drogon. Daenerys says “I am not here to murder: bend the knee and join me. Refuse and die”.
In brief, she explains she is nothing like Cersei and wants to be a different ruler by separating the dynamic between slave and owner, hence the breaker of chains.
Most bend the knee to her except for two particular survivors: Randyll Tarly and his son Dickon. Despite Tyrion’s best efforts to actually save Dickon, Daenerys sentences both Tarly’s to the flames “Dracarys”.
In addition to Tyrion, Jon would be equally as shocked, especially considering these were his best mate Sam’s father and brother. I wonder if Jon will find out, and if so, what will he do?

Another loss. Source HBO

I know who you are

Standing close to the cliff side is the King of the North (well, the true king of Westeros), staring at the incoming majestic beast, Drogon.
As the dragon starts to approach land, we all feel the fear shaking through Jon’s body as Drogon is staring towards him. As Drogon gets even closer to land, his massive teeth flashing, Jon starts to shake even more. Face to face with each other, Jon takes off his glove nervously, and slowly approaches Drogon to see if he can touch him. Daenerys, curiously looking on, sees that Jon has permission to pat Drogon.
This iconic scene actually shows that Drogon knows who Jon really is: a Targaryen.

All in the family. Source HBO

Daenerys is surprised by what happened and explains to Jon that no matter how big or scary they get they are always be her children.
She also goes on to ask Jon whether Davos was telling the truth about Jon getting stabbed in the heart, or if it was a figure of speech. Before Jon can really say anything, Daenerys gets interrupted by one of the Dothraki saying a friend has come to see her. And guess who has made it back to his Queen: Jorah!

Action Plan

Afterwards, everyone meets back in the board room. Jon receives the letter from Bran. He knew nothing about his brother and sister Arya being alive.
On the other hand, he finds out that the army of the dead is heading to Eastwatch, which changes his plans of heading home. First, Tryion will go with Davos to King’s Landing to demand Jamie listens to him about the army of the dead before Jon and Jorah go to Castle Black. How does Tyrion even know Jamie is alive?
In addition, in the last episode we see Theon has made it back to Dragonstone. Why hasn’t he seen the Queen yet to get help with finding Yara?

No more rowing

A little while later Davos makes it to the shore in King’s Landing. He informs Tyrion he has business in Fleabottom and to meet back by the boat before anyone notices (obviously not too far to travel by boat).
In among the markets, Davos makes his way to where a blacksmith is working. Guess who is back after disappearing for many seasons:  Gendry!

“I thought you’d still be rowing”

His back. Source HBO

With Davos finding Gendry, we realise this whole time he has been in hiding right under the current Queen’s nose in King’s Landing. Without hestation, Gendry packs his hammer and is ready to get back in a boat. Later on, we see him in action, and he can really defend himself.
With Gendry back in the scene, I predict there is a much-anticipated reunion with Arya once Gendry and Jon Snow return home.

Brothers’ Arms

While Davos is making his way back to the boat, there is a tense reunion with the brothers. Bronn, who leads Jamie under the castle to tell him they need to practice their sword fighting, has set up the meeting.
Jamie is surprised to see Tyrion. After much discussion of Tyrion explaining that their father was going to have him executed for being who he is, Jamie ends up listening to what Tyrion has to say. Tyrion mentions that Daenerys has “an important request” for the time being.
In my opinion, where the brothers are positioned in the scene holds great value. Tyrion, as he is the Queens’ hand, is standing in front of a massive skeleton of a dragon. This could be foreshadowing what is going to happen to the dragons. Or it could also mean he will no longer be the Queens’ hand.

You are alive. Source HBO

As Jamie comes back from seeing Tyrion, he is on his way to see Cersei to tell her the request. Cersei is not surprised to know that Jamie saw their brother. Jamie goes on to explain what Tyrion said. Cersei responds, “Dead men, dragons and Dragon Queens.  Whatever stands in our way we will defeat it”. She then points to her stomach informing Jamie she is pregnant.

The trickster in the North

Back in the North, Sansa is trying her hardest, playing the part of the Lady of Winterfell within Council meetings.
Arya walks in hearing that she has not stood up for Jon and is starting to question Sansa’s motives for being in charge. The tension between the sisters is starting to show, but could also simply be because they are siblings; they are both now very different to when they were last together. Both have grown apart and do not know each other anymore.
Arya follows Sansa into what was their parents’ chambers. As they are in discussion about what happened at the council meeting, she mentions that Sansa has always “liked pretty things”. This refers to Sansa and what she has always thought of with wanting a title like Queen. Someday she could be.
Littlefinger, sensing the tension between the sisters, is using it to his advantage. Littlefinger knows Arya is spying on him. He carefully places a scroll, which apparently was written by Sansa in the past, for Arya to find. If Littlefinger’s plan works in his favour, he might finally get what he wants – to be permanently by Sansa’s side.

Trouble. Source HBO

With only two episodes to go, I wonder what conclusions and cliffhangers are yet to happen. We’ll have to find out next week!

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