Does Rory McCann, The Hound, return in Game of Thrones?

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GIQUE out with us and share.

Rory McCann was spotted at the Game of Thrones filming location in Belfast sparking the rumour that he’s no dead dog.

Arya Stark will be so happy that she gets to add another name back onto her list. Does Rory McCann on the sets mean that mean that the Hound returns to Game of Thrones?
There’s no other reason for Rory to be there, no other acting jobs that we can track down and Belfast in the valleys perhaps isn’t quite the ideal place for a short getaway on your own. He could of course just be in a burial scene or something of the like, but he wasn’t the most popular guy, and I don’t he would have many attendees.

The source for this Game of Thrones information is, as always, the Watchers on the Wall.

The Hound was actually one of my favourites characters. He had his way, and toed the line between good and evil without actually seeing a line. He played his part in the game of thrones with a grin and a laugh and we would be happy to see some more of him.
On another note, as expected Rickon and Osha look likely to return as well.
Game of Thrones starts up again in April 2016. And there’s no doubt that people will be all ends up when the Hound returns in Game of Thrones.

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