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What trainers do movie stars wear?

Everyone needs a trainer, so here’s a list of the greatest footwear in movies.

You know, a lot of credit is given to the bravery of movie heroes and heroins, but we very rarely pay much attention to their footwear.

I think this deserves more focus and appreciation. So, without further ado, here is a list of the best footwear that I could think of – product placement ahoy!

5. Asics – Onitsuka Tiger (Kill Bill Vol 1)

Killing Bill was a lot easier in the Onitsuka Tigers. And they matched the outfit wonderfully.

Asics Onitsuka Tiger in Kill Bill Vol 1. Source: Asics

It’s all in the name. Black stripes on yellow. Gorgeous.

Asics Onitsuka Tiger. Source: Asics


4. Nike – Air Jordan XI (Space Jam)

What a movie. Space Jam featured space aliens battling Looney Toon characters in a game of Basketball, with Michael Jordan on the side of the Toons.

Air Jordan XI – Space Jam. Source: Nike Air Jordan XI. Source: Nike

3. Nike – Cortez (Forrest Gump)

“I was running”. If you’re going to run, then these weren’t a bad option at all. It’s one of my favourite scenes in the movie, and how about the below for product placement?

Nike Cortez. Source: Paramount Pictures

The red tick goes right to the back of the shoe to reflect speed, and there’s a nice bit of blue styling along the bottom. Don’t these look comfy?

Nike Cortez. Source: Nike

2. Nike – The Nike MAG (Back to the Future)

Just had to include this one. Self-fitting trainers. Awesome.

The design includes lights – yes, lights – in the sole. It’s grey and white, with extra grip at the base for hover-boarding. This is one good looking sneaker.

Nike – Back to the Future. Source: The Telegraph

1. Reebok – Alien Stompers (Aliens)

Nothing beats these bad boys. Just look at them. And it sure helps that they’re worn by one of the most bad-ass female action character in history, perhaps only bettered by Sarah Conner in Terminator 2. Reebok actually launched these in limited edition in 2016. If you managed to get hold of a pair, let us know. We’d love to chat.

Aliens. Source: 20th Century Fox

The design includes a large velcro strap across the top, and two additional velcro straps for the shin. There’s a huge red tongue that travels down the shin, and a pattern of grey and white throughout. I want some.

Reebok Trainers from Aliens. Source: The Independent

Have I missed any? Comment below if you’ve got something better. We’d love to take a look.

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