5 Star Wars Conspiracy Theories

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Conspiracy Theories are a wonderful thing. Especially when combined with Star Wars.

Once you hear of one, it tends to sit in the back of your mind forever, and will constantly nag you whenever you do anything related to it. Naturally, when you have a series as expansive and beloved as Star Wars, you will find several hundred fan theories. It is my job as a writer to scour the Internet to find the best of the best of these Star Wars conspiracy theories, and attempt to write this during a Star Wars marathon (NOT an easy task.) Even with the new movie having come out only last week, new theories are already being formed – however, those are not going to be included in this list due to spoilers for myself, and other readers who haven’t yet made it to the theaters (For those of you who have, here is Tom’s review).

Qui-Gon Jinn is a Sith

We start off this list with perhaps a bit of a stretch, but something that makes a ton of sense. Indeed, it makes The Phantom Menace easier to watch when viewed through this light (It’s still hard though, due to many reasons). This theory was posted on Reddit a year ago by an unknown user. This user was deleted, so, I’m not for sure who wrote it. This theory states that Qui-Gon – or, Obi-Wan’s Master, if you don’t remember who that is – was secretly a Sith. Some of this conspiracy theory delved into the territory of the previous Expanded Universe, which, as of Disney purchasing Star Wars, is no longer canon. However, most of this comes from the movies.

It is known that the Jedi that taught Qui-Gon was Count Dooku…before he became Space Saruman a Sith.

The big question, however, is when did Count Dooku fall to the Dark Side? It is entirely possible that Dooku was, at the very least, dabbling with the Dark Side of the Force while he was teaching Qui-Gon. How else can you explain Qui-Gon’s first apprentice, Xanatos, betraying the Jedi Order? Additionally, Qui-Gon created the Clone Army that would destroy the Jedi, and pushed the Jedi into accepting Anakin.

Perhaps the most convincing evidence to support this theory is when Qui-Gon becomes a Force Ghost.

It is a common misconception that this is a power of the Jedi. It is, in truth, a power of the Sith. There are only three people in the series, from both the originals and the prequels, who have used this power – Obi-Wan, Yoda, Anakin, and, you guessed it, Qui-Gon (Where it isn’t shown that Qui-Gon did use it, it was alluded to at the end of Revenge of the Sith). Now I’m not saying that Yoda was a Sith, too. If I did that, I’d probably be out of a job. But, when you live to be over 900 years old, you tend to learn a few things about both Sides of the Force. Obi-Wan learned the ability from Qui-Gon – this much is mentioned directly. But seeing as this is a power of the Dark Side, where did Qui-Gon learn it from?

Furthermore, it is impossible for Anakin to have learned it from any of the other three, so where did he learn it from?

The answer is the same for both questions – Palpatine. After all, he mentioned to Anakin that he learnt from Darth Plagueis the ability to forego death. If Qui-Gon is a Sith, and he was swayed to the Dark Side by Count Dooku, who was either working for or with Palpatine, then it answers that.

So is this theory true? Honestly? It probably is. There is no way to explain what Qui-Gon does without him being a Sith.

The Ewoks Eat People

Image taken from 'Wookieepedia' on Pinterest
Image taken from ‘Wookieepedia’ on Pinterest

If there’s one thing that annoys people about Return of the Jedi, it’s something that’s about three feet tall, covered in fur, and DEFINITELY EAT PEOPLE. You probably don’t remember that last bit, but it’s true. Sorry. In honor of their shiny golden god, the Ewok’s were going to offer Han and Luke as burnt sacrifices. And then what? Probably eat them.

If that doesn’t sell it, at the end of the movie, they play on drums made of Stormtrooper helmets.

A funny picture to be sure, but the Ewok’s probably didn’t run around to all the dead bodies and take their helmets off because little Paploo want’s some drums for Christmas. No, they probably took the armor of the Stormtroopers off so they can cook them up and store them away. The drums are an added bonus.

Boba Fett killed Owen and Beru

There is a lot of evidence backing this theory up, and personally, makes an awful lot of sense. In A New Hope, when Luke returns to his Uncles farm to find his Aunt and Uncle’s smoldering remains, Obi-Wan says that the Stormtroopers did it. Except they didn’t. First off, nowhere else in the series do we see laser fire cause that sort of damage. We do, however, see similar burns when Anakin gets set on fire by the lavas of Mustafar at the end of Episode III. So, who was on Tatooine, with a fire weapon, at the same time as their murder?

Well, Boba Fett was. And you know what? He has a flamethrower.

Now, there are some reasons why Obi-Wan could have said that Stormtroopers were behind it. Most notably is the fact that, at this time, some of the Stormtroopers would have still been some of the Clones of Jango Fett, an honor that Boba Fett also shared. It is also presumed that Obi-Wan never officially dealt with the Empire, choosing instead to remain on Tatooine where he can watch over Luke from a distance. So, it wasn’t that he knew Stormtroopers did it, it was Clone Troopers that he knew.

So why would Boba kill Owen and Beru?

Simply put, it would ensure that there was no way to know who it was. Owen and Beru were the only family that Anakin had left. As evil as he was, he was motivated by his mother, and they were all that he had left of her. He wouldn’t just tell his forces to murder them. Their murder was a cover-up to prevent any other bounty hunters from collecting the information.

If this isn’t enough proof, every time that Darth Vader encounters Fett he almost seems…disgusted by him. I would be too, if he disintegrated the last bit of my family. Furthermore, Darth Vader directly says to Boba Fett “No Disintegrations.”.

Han Solo is Force Sensitive

Three years ago, Reddit user Sumojoe came up with a theory; a theory that deals with perhaps the most beloved of Star Wars characters, Han Solo. Simply put, he believes that Han Solo is Force sensitive, which means he can use the Force – even if he doesn’t know that he can. There are many examples for this, being notably his piloting and his blaster skills.

Despite the fact that the Millenium Falcon is the only target of multiple Star Destroyers and TIE Fighters, Han can always outmanoeuvre them.

Piloting of this caliber has been shown before, most notably with Luke, and Anakin. Regarding his blaster skills, he has some of the best marksmanship shown in the series. Even though Stormtroopers are allegedly highly trained and accurate, they usually miss. Chewbacca and Lando also don’t always hit their mark. But Han? He never misses, regardless of what weapon he’s using.

Han claims this is all luck, but he has an awful lot of luck – even though there is no such thing as luck. Additionally, he always has a bad feeling about something RIGHT before something bad happens. Which brings us to the final conspiracy…

Jar Jar Binks is a Sith

Before you scroll down to the comments and start calling this the worst article you’ve ever read, hear me out on this. This could very well be the most important of these five theories.

Earlier this year, another Reddit user, Lumpwaroo, posted his own theory. This theory had Jar Jar Binks – yes, that Jar Jar Binks – as a Sith. It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? After all, he’s a harmless dunce that is SO incredibly lucky, it is impossible to remain immersed; he manages to single-handedly take down a battledroid tank and precisely take out multiple enemies with a blaster tangled around his ankle – there’s no way he’s anything but lucky. I’ll include a link to the theory at the end, as there’s so much evidence that it’s next to impossible for me to explain properly, so I’ll leave it at this.

Palpatine and Jar Jar Binks worked together.

After all, both are natives of Naboo. They are hanging out in Revenge of the Sith, even though such a dunce should be an embarrassment for the Chancellor. It is known that George Lucas wrote the prequels to rhyme with the Original Trilogy, and it does. George Lucas said in a documentary on the topic of Yoda, that he was alluding to a tradition in mythological story telling, where the hero finds something insignificant, but turns out to be the master wizard, or the master thing. So, who is this figure in the prequels? Well, Jar Jar certainly fits this description. Lumpawarroo ends the theory by saying that Jar Jar was supposed to be the prequel and Dark Side equivalent of Yoda. But when people were so venemous about him in The Phantom Menace, he chickened out.

As promised, here is the link to the theory.

So are any of these theories true? In the case of the man-eating Ewoks, and Boba Fett being the one who killed Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen, more than likely. For the other three.

It’s a matter of opinion. It certainly makes things a lot more interesting for a re-watch.


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