A Poisoned Tale – Recap of Game of Thrones Episode 3

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A Queen’s weapon for justice comes in a small bottle: Game of thrones Season Seven, Episode 3 ‘A Queen’s Justice’.

Major spoilers ahead so only continue reading if you have seen this episode.
In just one dramatic hour the plot thickens with a hint of poison in this, on the edge of your throne episode. A first meeting, a sweet kiss of revenge, a reunion, a glorious battle and sadly the death of a beloved character. So much to cover in so little time.

No bow at first sight

The eagerly anticipated first meeting happened rather quicker than expected. I had expected we would see Jon Snow and Daenerys in the same room together half way through the season rather than the third episode.

Arriving into Dragonstone Image: Courtesy of HBO

Jon arrived onto shore and was welcomed by his old acquaintance Tyrion. The banter between these two is always terrific. Tyrion even mentions Sansa his former bride in an awkward discussion with Tyrion quick to point out they had not had sex. He does point out “she is much smarter than she puts on” which Jon agrees with.
While the two are catching up on old times, Jon witnesses those beautiful dragons after diving for cover. Tyrion just explains that “you get use to them”.
Within the conversation from these two, Jon intriguingly mentions “I am not a stark”. Jon Snow really knows nothing huh?
Meanwhile on the mountain top Melisandre and Varys are discussing why she is not greeting an her prophesied Jon Snow. Melisandre explains she has done her part with bringing “fire and ice together” and it’s time to move on. You probably don’t know how much you should believe in Melisandre’s strange predictions anymore, but she had one for Varys. “I have to die in this strange country. Just like you” she said. Nice.
As the door opens to the throne room, Missandei gives a lengthy announcement as to who Daenerys is. Davos simply introduces his king by saying “This is Jon Snow.. he’s King of the North”.
Daenerys demands Jon to recognise her as the rightful Queen and to instantly bow before her, but the stubborn King doesn’t.

“I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms, and I will!”

I am the true Queen Image: Courtesy of HBO

Jon explains that it was all an old oath between their ancestors about why he doesn’t bow, and they should be more concerned about the Night King and his dead army. Surprisingly, Dany isn’t familiar with the Night King, and doesn’t know if she should believe him.
Tyrion plays peacemaker. After talking to Jon Snow about why he is in Dragonstone, he convinces Dany to let him mine for the Dragonglass to fight the Night King. Dany seems to have in mind that Jon could be an ally, especially now, as she is currently losing the battle to take over the Iron Throne.

The Queen’s revenge

Yara is alive and has been taken hostage. The question is where does she get taken after Euron has given his present of Ellaria and her daughter to Cersei?

I will get my prize Image: Courtesy of HBO

After Euron laps up the cheers of his quest in the city, he enters the throne room to announce “I give you what no other man could give. Justice for your murdered daughter“.
Cersei in return promises to marry Euron “once the war is won”. I wonder if she has a plan to kill him before they become man and wife? Or are they going to be the next rulers together? The latter seems unlikely.
Down in the depths of the dungeon Cersei gets her justice. Just as Ellaria gave a fatal kiss to Cersei’s daughter Myrcella, Cersei used the exact same poison to return the favour and give a kiss to Ellaria’s daughter – right in front of her. Ellaria and her Sand Snake are both chained to separate sides of the wall and nothing can save them now.
After Cersei delivers on her masterful plan she goes off to see Jamie. Poor poor Jamie sucked under Cersei’s spell.
Later on Cersei has a guest from Bravos – the justice of the Iron Bank. Cersei has lost her ties with the Tyrells, and her father has nothing in the vault- she is broke. She asks to have “two weeks” so we know something big is coming up.

The North and a surprise guest

“Command suits you well“, the creepy Littlefinger says to Sansa after she talks to her advisory team on the current situations at Winterfell.
After Sansa requests there to be more food for the winter, she is interrupted and informed that someone is at the gate. This was perfect timing as the eerie LittleFinger seems to be plotting his way into becoming her leading hand. As Sansa rushed off, I thought it was the Stark sisters that might finally be reunited after many seasons a part. But the surprise guest was actually Bran, with Meeri by his side.
An emotional homecoming left Bran and Sansa to sit down by the old tree to have a private catch-up. Sansa informs Bran he is now “Lord of Winterfell” but he says he is actually “the three eyed raven”. With look of confusion on Sansa’s face, Bran reveals it is ‘hard to explain’. As he sits there completely dazed, the snow starts to fall, and he reminds Sansa of her wedding night to Ramsey. He tells her she looked beautiful, and apologised for what happened to her, where shocked Sansa gets up and walks away.

Sam the Cure Hero

The breaking news from The Citidal is that Jorah is cured. The applause goes to the genius Sam for “reading the book and following instructions” (probably the best one liners in the episode).
Even though Sam was a hero and he expected an award from the Maester he was punished instead. The punishment instead of being exiled is to copy old scrolls. I wonder what he might find? Everything seems to happen for a reason in Game of Thrones.
There was an awkward goodbye moment of should we hug or not between Jorah and Sam. Jorah gives his gratitude to Sam for his life saving skills, and is now heading back to Daenerys.

Casterly Rock to Highgarden

The Unsullied Army successfully took over Casterly Rock with ease, all thanks to the inside knowledge of the walls from Tryion. After completing their mission, Grey Worm questioned where the rest of the Lannister Army was.
Meanwhile Jamie is prancing proudly on his horse, in command of a rather large Army (the missing Army) heading towards Highgarden. As the gates open to the devastation of the dead soldiers, Jamie slowly makes his way upstairs where Olenna is waiting.
Olenna is fully aware her time has come and she asks Jamie “How will you do it? With that sword? That was Joffrey’s sword wasn’t it? Not that he ever used it. What did he call it?” Jamie informs her that he made sure there was going to be no pain, and presents a bottle of poison. Without hesitation she skulls the poisoned glass of wine like a champion.
Olenna though gets the last laugh. She confesses to Jamie it was her that killed Joffrey – “Tell Cersei, I want her to know it was me”. Olenna was a fierce Queen till the very end.

The Coolest Queen of them all Image: Courtesy of HBO

There were no sightings from Ayra (hopefully she is also on her way to the North), no Hound or yet again no White Walkers.
Seriously what is that Night King up to?

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