Outbreak of War: Recap of Game of Thrones Episode 4, Season 7

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A fiery cliffhanger marks the start of war. We recap of Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 4 “The Spoils of War”

As always if you have not yet seen this groundbreaking episode please stop reading now and flee.
Each episode this season brings more suspense to the plot lines, and you just know something dramatic is coming. This astonishing episode contained another family reunion, finding truth in history, and when you damage someone’s plan, karma will fire back.

The Dragon’s Revenge

As one army packed wagons full of supplies to continue back on their journey home, another army was fast approaching. In the distance the echoing sound of thousands of horses charging with Dothraki on their backs, race towards Highgarden, taking the Lannister army by surprise.
The sky becomes bleak as an enormous mythical creature flies towards the army, to release a powerful force of fire. There is no where to run but to forge ahead and fight for dear life.

A fiery battle Source: HBO

This heart stopping battle scene was brilliant, and one of the best the show has created. We finally get to witness the strength and power of a fully grown dragon, Drogon, along with the control Daenerys is capable of with winning the Iron Throne.
A matter to be questioned is both Jon and Tyrion told Daenerys she needs to be a different ruler and not start war. Daenerys insists she is tired of ‘clever plans’ and goes against both their advice. Is she really just as bad as Ceresi and hungry for power? Or does she really have the good intentions for what is best for Westros?

“Enough with the clever plans. I have three large dragons, I am going to fly them to the Red Keep”

The Fiery Battle

The battle scenes were graphic: slashing of body parts left and right, no mercy for even the horses, red crimson piercing through flames. Swords clashed against each other as the sky becomes ghastly by the dragon unleashing the terrors of fire. Arrows fired off in every direction. Soldiers screamed in agony as they fall to their knees being burned alive, and some even turned straight to ash. The ground glazed in rising smoke, panic surrounding the Lannister Army, the smell of lose and despair – the frightening impact of the spoils of war. Who will survive?
This scene was beautifully constructed, and of course left viewers on a very intense cliffhanger. Is Jamie alive? Was he really “an idiot” for charging at Daenerys (also another brief first meeting) to only be rescued by Bronn in the nick of fire?
As mentioned before this season brings in the subject of karma. At the end of the battle sequence with Jamie falling down into the depths of the river, it is contrasting with how he pushed Bran off the ladder in the first season. Throughout the seasons Bran ends up becoming someone different: “the three eyed raven”. Does this also mean Jamie will be in transition to become someone different if he survives?
Whilst in the midst of the battle, Bronn makes it to the massive crossbow. He gets the chance to fire at the dragon, where it effectively works with injuring Drogon. Dany even has to make a safe landing to help her scaly child.

The dragons weakness
Source: HBO

Considering the teaser poster, if this weapon of dragon mass destruction can really hurt one, does that mean the White Walkers are about to recruit a dragon for their army? Maybe even Drogon who is currently hurt? Talking about the White Walkers, where the hell are they? We only got a glimpse of them in the first episode, and we are coming up to the fifth episode this week. Is shit about to get real now from this battle?

Cold as ice. Source: HBO

Fire and Ice

Before the destruction of the spoils of war start, Jon asks Daenerys if he can show her something of great value inside the cave. Jon carrying the torch guides Daenerys through the cave. Jon lets her see for herself some markings that the “Children of the Forest” created about the White Walkers. There are also a lot of symbols that Daenerys recognises, that she now starts to believe Jon about what is coming.
Within this important scene as Melisandre mentioned last episode about bringing “fire and ice together”you will notice that this is a true predication. Jon is leading Daenerys into the cave to learn about why Dragonglass is significant with taking down the White Walkers. Jon is also holding the torch of fire, symbolic to what Daenerys represents.
In this scene they also talk about how they need to work together if they are going to win against the Night King, who is more powerful then them all. At the end of this scene, despite Dany demanding Jon to bow at the knee, they are in sync with each as they walk out of the cave, while Jon still holds the torch, suggesting he still has some control.

Fire and Ice together
Source HBO

Another important reunion that occurred at Dragonstone after Daenerys sets for the sky is when Theon arrives. He lands to shore to an uncomfortable greeting of seeing Jon Snow. Theon, surprised to see Jon, mentions Sansa, and Jon replies, “What you did for her, is the only reason I am not killing you”. Surely they will be able to work as a team to stand united for an even bigger battle coming.

Sisters Unite

What we have all been waiting for: At last the Stark sisters are finally in the same place together – their home Winterfell. The last time they saw each other was in King’s Landing before the unspeakable happened to their father.
Something very symbolic within their reunion is Sansa knowing where Arya was after she ‘escaped’ from the guards who wouldn’t let her in. As Sansa and Arya finally see each other their conversations take place standing in front of their father’s tomb.
This scene really emphasises not only how much they have physically and emotionally grown, but also what each has personally overcome in the past years. If you have not noticed Sansa has become more like her mother, while Arya has become more like her father.
Between these two there are a lot they need to catch up on. Arya does mention to Sansa about her hit list, as they laughed about wanting to both kill Joffrey.
There was a quote about how excited Jon will be when he sees Arya – that his heart will stop”. Little do they both know it literally did.

Reunited at last. Source HBO

Bran and a dagger

This notable key scene between Littlefinger and Bran is of enormous significance. Littlefinger visits Bran for a casual chat. Bran as we have now noticed, has no feelings, especially as he said bye to Meera who helped him incredibly.
Littlefinger ends up presenting a valyrian dagger to Bran. Within their conversation Littlefinger mentions “To go through all of that and make your way home again only to find chaos in the world again, I can only imagine.” Bran responds with an exact quote that Littlefinger actually said back in season three: “Chaos is a ladder”. 
This suggests Bran knows more than he is leading on and Littlefinger will need to watch his back.
Later on in this sequence Bran, Arya and Sansa are all together by the old tree. Bran presents Arya with the dagger and mentions her hit list. Sansa doesn’t laugh.
As Arya has her hit list, I am going to predict a few theories about what might happen in the coming episodes. As Arya was gifted with the dagger she will use it on Littlefinger when she finds out the truth of his involvement with her father. Likewise with her special ability of the many faced girl and her incredible fighting skills, she will use the dagger on the Night King. Additionally she is going to be reunited with the Hound.
As previously mentioned about the essence of growth among the Stark sisters, Arya asks to practice fighting with Brianne because she killed the Hound. Brianne does hestiate but agrees to battle it out. We witness along with Sansa the true skill and strength Arya has. Brianne asks her who has taught her to fight to which Arya responds, “No one”. Secretly we all really know who.

A Lannister finally pays their debts

In King’s Landing, Cersei is standing near the painted map of Westros with Tycho. Cersei is talking about her next moves just like in a game of chess. The map is symbolic, representing her goals and her everlasting domination she has on the world.
Cersei has promised that the Lannister debt has been paid back to the Iron Bank. This is delightful news to Tycho. We do know that Jamie has sent the wagon on before the battle started so finally the saying “a Lannister pays his debts” is true.
Euron did not appear in this episode, so we are unaware of what has happened to Yara.
In this episode there is nothing to report from Sam at the Citadel and possibly what he has read amongst the scrolls. There was no Hound again so we are clueless to where he is traveling to. Also there are still no messages from Castle Black. We also had no news if Jorah is making his way to Dragonstone.
As the next episode is fast approaching us again (considering time is no question in this season) hopefully we get some questions answered!
For a full mid-season review, have a read of this article. Does season 7 live up to expectations?

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