What's the marketing spend for Wonder Woman? And is it enough?

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GIQUE out with us and share.

Well, actually, the marketing spend for Wonder Woman is more than that of Suicide Squad.

At this point (5 weeks before release) WB has spent just over 3m on Wonder Woman, and had previously spent just over 2.5m on Suicide Squad. It’s very easy to get frustrated with the marketing for and the performance of movies with female leads, so we feel you.

Has the marketing spend for Wonder Woman really been low? Well. No. Source: WB

But it has been getting better and better. Rogue One for example didn’t exactly slack on the marketing budget, and the marketing spend for Wonder Woman has been fairly substantial. Gender equality seems to be safe here.
Warner Brothers have also released two more trailer for Wonder Woman, perhaps to just ease the questions around the lack of marketing, and to stop fans feeling that way even if it’s not quite the case (according to the spend stats).
Here they are in all their glory, merged together. One focussed on action, and the other on wit, but both impressive and not too distinguishable to action movies with a male lead.

Come on DC. We’re backing you to get this one right. Let’s get back on track. One thing is clear though: If this film fails then there are plenty of people ready to scrutinise the marketing and promotion of the movie to the n’th degree.
You can find differing opinions at UPROXX, but there isn’t any statistical data to back up the argument of a lack of marketing spend for Wonder Woman. We’re not saying they are necessarily wrong as actually we’ve felt a bit of a lacklustre push for Wonder Woman, but we haven’t found data to support it, only data that conflicts it.
Looking forward to its release on the 2nd of June.

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