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The Hidden Enemies and Bosses of Bloodborne

Bloodborne guards its secrets well.

Last month, intrepid data miners delved deep into the source code of Yharnam, revealing a host of unused content within the game. Long-time fans of the Souls series know that this is par for the course for FromSoftware.

Not only do the assets present an inside look into the developer’s creative process, but they also scratch the incessant itch of every Souls player worth their salt to search for hidden secrets wherever the game takes them. Even if it is outside of the game.

Youtuber Sanadsk, who is one of the community’s most prolific data delver, was kind enough to post what he found.

His first video, featured above, lacks a little bit of flair. It consists mainly of frozen models spinning in a grey void, which, now that I think about it, is a lot more appropriate for Bloodborne then I originally thought.

It reveals a few enemy and NPC models. One, a two-headed flame creature, even seems to suggest the presence of a fire based level in an earlier iteration of Bloodborne.

But then we get to see them in motion

What is really impressive about Sanadsk’s videos is the follow-up he released a month later. Not only was there the model, but a full-fledged boss fight was hiding deep within Bloodborne’s code.

Now, there are some visual inconsistencies. Mainly that parts of the level haven’t loaded in. Also, the boss, known as the Great One Beast, has an invisible breath attack, which is probably just an unfinished asset and not a genuine design decision.

Though it does say something about the series that I’m having a trouble telling that.

It is interesting to see just how much work can go into a game asset before it is untimely scrapped. The loss of all that time and dedication by the designers and programmers might make you tear up a bit, but think about this.

In the end, their work was noticed. It took a little over two years, but the fanbase proved that no stone will be left unturned in its maddening quest for lore. And sometimes in that quest, the forgotten work of countless artists gets remembered.

That’s the closest you’re gonna get to a warm and fuzzy feeling from this series.

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