Examining That Titans Episode 10 Cliff-hanger

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Titans episode 10, ‘Koriand’r’, ended with a massive reveal that has been teased all season. We look at what it means for the show and the team.

For ten episodes, DC Universe’s Titans has had its titular team fight a mysterious organisation hell-bent on bringing Rachel Roth’s (Teagan Croft) evil father to Earth. It all culminated in the tenth episode, ‘Koriand’r’, which ended on a massive cliff-hanger.

We take a look at the events of the episode and how it could impact the show. Spoilers ahead!

Kory’s Origins Discovered

Kory and Rachel-Koriand'r-Titans-Spoiler TV
No good deed goes unpunished. Source: Spoiler TV

The episode picked up from the final scene from two episodes ago, ‘Donna Troy’, where Kory Anders (Anna Diop) began regaining her memories. Rachel tried to help her but Kory attacked her in return. When Kory is finally brought back to her senses in this episode, with the help of Donna Troy’s (Conor Leslie) lasso of persuasion, she leaves to find answers. Kory eventually makes her way to a warehouse, followed closely by Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) and Donna, where she finds her spaceship.

It is on the ship that Kory learns that she is actually Koriand’r (though she doesn’t reveal her name in the episode), from the planet Tamaran, and she came to Earth to stop Trigon from being released. According to a book that Kory found on her ship, Trigon will consume Earth, and then Tamaran. Trigon can only be brought to Earth through Rachel, hence Kory’s attempt to kill the girl.

For an episode entitled ‘Koriand’r’, there was shockingly little of Kory in it, which is a huge disappointment. I hope that now, with Kory having regained her memory, she will get the screen-time she deserves.

Garfield the Pawn

Gar Logan-Koriand'r-Titans-Spoiler TV
That’s a lot of ketchup. Source: Spoiler TV

Back in episode seven, ‘Asylum’, Rachel had learned that her birth mother, Angela (Rachel Nichols), was alive. She managed to rescue Angela from an asylum run by The Organisation and the two have become close ever since. Angela even suggested the Titans move their base of operations to her old house.

The house is ramshackle because Angela has been away for a while but that doesn’t explain the way the lights flicker and mysteriously switch on by themselves. Garfield Logan (Ryan Potter) realises there is something wrong with the house pretty quickly in this episode. As he explores the house, he comes across eerie photographs, but then sees his reflection in the mirror – except he has blood on his face, as he had when he mauled an asylum doctor in episode seven. He later sees that same doctor standing in the garden, covered in blood. Gar’s visions develop into a full-blown fever and haemorrhage and it isn’t long before he finds himself at death’s door.

What Gar believed to be a haunted house is actually a symptom of some kind of poisoning, from the soup he had had that day. And who made the soup?

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Rachel and Angela-Koriand'r-Titans-Spoiler TV
Can’t trust anyone these days. Source: Spoiler TV

Angela’s story of being tricked and abused by Trigon tugged at the Titans’ heart-strings, and Rachel’s obvious need to have someone who loved her in her life has blinkered them.

Despite the strange goings-on in the house, Angela is the only one who remains unperturbed, nonchalantly making soup for Rachel and Gar. When Gar is ill, Angela even invites her neighbour, who arrived unannounced, to help. But when the neighbour tries to call an ambulance, that’s when things go sideways. Angela takes a knife and stabs him. And then she races to her daughter, pleading with the child to use her powers to heal Gar.

Rachel’s abilities have been developing all season and she certainly has the ability to heal, but it fails her this time. Gar is too close to death and Rachel is overwhelmed by the feeling. Angela then finds another solution – summon Rachel’s father. The child is trusting of her mother so Rachel does as requested, in order to save Gar. The process takes moments and there before us, stands Trigon.

Fans of the Teen Titans comics will not have seen this twist about Angela coming. This is a massive departure from the source material where Angela becomes a pacifist and eventually sacrifices her freedom to protect Earth from Trigon. Way to pull the wool over our eyes.

The Big Bad

Trigon-DC Comics-Wiki
What we expected, not what we got. Source: Wiki

Seamus Deaver has been in the cast list for Titans since before it aired but still has no name assigned to his character. Turns out that is because he’s playing Trigon!

I have to admit I didn’t expect Deaver in the role. Deaver is best known as Kevin Ryan on Castle. If you’ve watched that show, you’ll know the character Deaver played was a funny guy and an absolute sweetheart. Now, he’s Trigon? How is this going to work?

In the comics, Trigon rarely appeared in his human form, only adopting one so as to deceive Angela. When telling Rachel about her father, Angela described Trigon’s human form as handsome and charming. His true form – a red beast with horns on his head – is horrifying. He is a demon, after all. We get a glimpse of Trigon’s true form while Kory is showing Dick and Donna her notes on her ship. It is accurate to the comics description but it is not the form we see Trigon wearing now.

Most likely Trigon has taken this unassuming shape to put Rachel at ease about his presence on Earth. Deaver only had a few minutes to portray the demon, but he seems to have got the sliminess down pat. It will be interesting to see how he fares in the final episodes.

Is Earth Doomed?

Dick Grayson-Koriand'r-Titans-Spoiler TV
Could he be Earth’s saviour? Source: Spoiler TV

Things are looking quite bad for the blue marble right now. Not only has Trigon landed up on Earth, but he has Angela in his thrall, along with Rachel. Having healed Gar, Trigon has pretty much already convinced Rachel about his good intentions, but one can hope that Rachel sees through her father’s facade.

In the closing moments of the episode, Trigon and Angela were scheming about how best to use Rachel to consume the world. Trigon’s plan isn’t revealed to us but he has a timeline, and a target. He intends to find a way to leave Rachel heart-broken, and Gar might figure into the equation somewhere. Rachel and Gar have become very close, so Gar seems the obvious target for Trigon’s machinations.

I am still unsure of how the Rachel/ Gar relationship is going to work. As I’ve said before, there is no legal or ethical way to depict a relationship between an actor who is a child and another who is an adult. Thus far, everything has been implied but it’s still icky!

As for the rest of the Titans, Trigon put a protective field around Angela’s house but somehow Dick managed to get through. Interestingly, Donna and Kory could not break the barrier. Is Trigon letting Dick through because he has no superpowers? Or because Dick has been the father figure Rachel has never had? A showdown between Dick and Trigon is likely in the offing with Rachel having to choose between them. But, which side will she choose?

Titans took nearly five episodes to find its feet, and I really wish they hadn’t taken so long because the latter half of this season has been incredibly exciting. Granted, the whole scene where Rachel couldn’t save Gar because he was close to death was a bit contrived but it served its purpose of giving Rachel the impetus to summon Trigon, so I’ll let it pass.

I’m particularly intrigued by what horrors Trigon will unleash – this episode had some excellent horror moments and I would love to see more of that. The next couple of episodes will wrap up this season and honestly, I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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