Who are the members of The Justice League?

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The next few years are make or break for DC Comics and the members of The Justice League may hold all of the weight on their shoulders.

It is widely agreed that Marvel have won their own superhero battle with their arch nemesis over the past few years. But DC have movie plans that could shift the balance of power back in their favour. Here is the rundown on seven exciting DC movies that will be gracing our screens over the next few years.

The Flash

The Flash. Source:
The Flash. Source: DC Comics

Stars: Ezra Miller

Writer: Phil Lord and Chris Miller

Director: Rick Famuyiwa

Released: 23 March 2018

‘The Flash’ has an intriguing opportunity for DC to have a little fun in their films, perhaps in a similar way to Grant Gustin’s character in the current televised series. The biggest indicator that DC is going to invest a more comedic tone into their upcoming project is the hiring of the men Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the duo behind ‘The Lego Movie’ and ’21 Jump Street’, which both had incredible runs of success.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman. Source:
Wonder Woman. Source: DC Comics

Stars: Gal Gadot

Writer: Jason Fuchs

Director: Patty Jenkins

Released: 23 June 2017

‘Wonder Woman’ represents a prospect for DC to show they are aware of the diversity of their fan base and that they know how to represent one of the most iconic female characters of all time. Their decision to sign female director Patty Jenkins seems to suggest that DC and Warner Bros. are listening closely to their fans.

But what can we expect out of this film? Well, it is the release before ‘Justice League Part One’, which might suggest that it stages the events for the following film. Or, there is a possibility that it could be an origin story, as reports confirm Chris Pine will feature as character Steve Trevor (the primary love interest of Wonder Woman). Whatever the story may be, ‘Wonder Woman’ has a lot riding on its plate, holding the chance to prove that female-driven movies can be just as or even more successful than male-driven films.


Karl Drogo's going swimming. Source:
Khal Drogo’s going swimming. Source: DC Comics

Stars: Jason Momoa

Writer: Kurt Johnstad

Director: James Wan

Released: 27 July 2018

I can tell you now that you won’t be seeing the florescent skin-tight orange shirt and revealing green tights on DC’s new ‘Aquaman’. Instead, to accompany Cavil’s stern superman and Affleck’s disturbed Batman, DC are going out on the limb and making Aquaman a serious and grim film. This is most prominently exhibited by the casting of Jason Momoa, more commonly known as Khal Drogo, the fearless giant warrior from Game of Thrones. The Atlantean will be taking orders from Australian Horror veteran James Wan, who is set to direct after great success from his ‘Furious 7’ film. So far, intel on supporting cast and crew has been slim, but what is clear is that Aquaman is rapidly moving away from being a running joke to one of DC’s most promising films.


Shazam. Source:
Shazam. Source: DC Comics

Stars: Dwayne Johnson

Writer: Bill Burr

Released: 5 April 2019

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Shazam, it follows the story of Billy Batson – a man who with one simple word can transform into a superhero, striving to keep the world safe from arch nemesis Black Adam. Although very little information has been released on casting, we can confirm that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will be playing the leading role of super villain Black Adam, after turning down his offered role as Shazam. Formerly known as Captain Marvel.

Shazam has powers ranging from super strength and flight to various forms of magic. This film has a lot of promising potential, making us very curious to know more about the rest of the cast, crew and plot.

Green Lantern Corps

The 2011 'Green Lantern' was really good at being at being really bad.
The 2011 ‘Green Lantern’ was really good at being really bad. Source: DC Comics

Stars: tbc

Writer: tbc

Director: tbc

Released: 19 June 2020

As you can see, other than its release date, there is little known about the next installment of ‘Green Lantern’. My main hope is that it’ll be better than the 2011 eyesore. That being said, ‘Green Lantern Corps’ would have to actually try to produce the world’s worst superhero movie to be on par with its predecessor. The fact that they have decided to add “Corps” into the title suggests that they are going to focus on several green lanterns as opposed to a single Ryan Reynolds, hopefully bringing in a range of impressive characters.


Cyborg. Source:
Cyborg. Source: DC Comics

Stars: Ray Fisher

Writer: tbc

Director tbc

Released: 3 April 2020

It seems as though both Marvel and DC are playing the same game, in that both announced in the same week that they will be releasing a superhero movie not led by a white man. Marvel’s comes first in 2018 with ‘Black Panther’, followed by DC’s 2020 outing ‘Cyborg’, played by American stage actor and somewhat rookie to the big screen, Ray Fisher. ‘Cyborg’ tells the story of Victor Stone (Fisher) whose body parts are replaced by advanced prosthetics after injuries from an accidental explosion at S.T.A.R laboratories. This enables him powerful bionic abilities that lead him towards becoming a profound member of the Justice League.

Justice League

Justice League. Source: DC Comics
Justice League. Source: DC Comics

Stars: Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Jason Mamoa, Ray Fisher

Writer: Chris Terrio

Director: Zack Synder

Released: 17 November 2017

DC Comics have been teaming up with Warner Bros. since 2013 to release ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’, with an ultimate goal of making a ‘Justice League’ film – or should I say films, with a sequel already planned. My opinion on the overall story of the film goes two ways.

Either we will see the Justice team form throughout part 1 (as usual), and part 2 will follow up with a the team dealing with a new threat with some elements mentioned in part 1. Or, Warner Bros. may want to step it up a notch and create a threat of epic proportion that will take the League two movies to achieve victory, in a more ambitious superhero tale. Either way, it’s a risky move on behalf of DC, taking on the already pre-established Avengers franchise from Marvel. But we will remain optimistic and have our fingers crossed it will all turn out well!


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