Beyond the Wall: Recap of Game of Thrones Episode 6

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This explosive episode takes us to the other side of the wall, in Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6: Beyond the Wall.

This week’s episode was a phenomenal movie length extravaganza.  In any Game of Thrones season, the second last episode is always a mixture of drama, heartbreak, suspense, heartbreak, and shock. Beyond the Wall contained all the essentials plus some witty humour and literally touching moments.

Somewhere beyond the wall

The start of the episode we were in the company of the Magnificent Seven. The dream team were on a very suicidal mission in the hope of hunting and capturing one wight to prove the Queens wrong. Just like you, I was thinking, why walk out in that blizzard with no horses, when you could easily fly on the dragon instead of risking your lives?
Whilst the coolest bunch – pun intended – of lads were treading through the snow there were a lot of catch up talks. Between the Hound and Tormund a bromance was formed because they have Brianne of Tarth in common. Tormund explains to the Hound he has a “beauty waiting back for him in Winterfell”. After his description of her the Hound responds “Brianne of Tarth”. The hilarious conversation to lighten the mood of the episode is as follows:
Tormund: “You know her?”
Hound: “You are with Brianne of f***ing Tarth?”
Tormund: “Well, not with her yet, but I have seen the way she looks at me.
Hound: “How does she look at you? Like she wants to carve you up and eat your liver?
Tormund: “You do know her”
Hound: “We’ve met”.
A significant scene in amongst the conversations was with Jon and Jorah – and not because they have Daenerys in common. Jon wants to return the sword that Jorah’s father had given him back to the rightful owner. Jorah, knowing that he had disgraced his family, tells Jon that he should keep it.
I am thinking there is something special with this sword, as there has to be a reason Jorah would allow him to have a family heirloom.

beyond the wall game of thrones
For you. Source HBO

After many witty conversations, just like in the movie Revenant, a bear starts to approach the team. And not just any bear – a crazy blue-eyed bear. Brave extras are lost in the battle. Thoros is horrendously attacked, while the Hound could only look on, too scared of the fire.
Eventually the wight bear is killed. Beric rushes to help Thoros. He uses his flame sword to ‘close’ him up as Thoros doesn’t want to try make his way back to Castle Black to get proper care. After the dramatic attack the Magnificent Seven continue further into unsafe territory.

Winterfell Drama

In the opening sequence of Beyond the Wall, there was a flashback to the scroll that Littlefinger hid for Arya to find. The flashback showed Sansa had in fact written the letter, but only because she was forced to by Cersei.
Arya, whilst having her own flashback about how much she wanted to be a fighter, was in the company of Sansa. This should have been a touching moment but instead, as Arya has grown suspicious of Sansa, she has accused her of being responsible for what happened to their father.
Arya knows the scroll is written by Sansa and goes on to say to Sansa, “I remember you, standing on that platform with Joffery and Ceresi when they dragged father to the block. I remember you with that pretty dress you were wearing, I remember the fancy way you did your hair”.
Sansa then realises Arya was also at the most heartbreaking moment of the show, but Arya also didn’t do anything to save their father. Arya’s main objective is about betrayal. “I didn’t betray him. I didn’t betray Robb. I didn’t betray our entire family for “my beloved Joffery”. The sisters, as they haven’t communicated to each other about their struggles, have become more like strangers instead of siblings.

beyond the wall game of thrones
Flashback. Source HBO

Later on, as Sansa doesn’t want anyone to know of the scroll in question, she sneaks into Arya’s chambers to search for it. She stumbles across Arya’s bag where inside is some of her many faces. Arya appears out of nowhere to see Sansa picking up the faces. Arya goes on to threaten her sister that she has the ability to become her.
The tension between the sisters is getting more fierce, and hopefully Arya doesn’t become her sister, but instead finally kills Littlefinger.

Stranded beyond the wall

The Magnificent Seven go deeper into the other side, and end up finding a White Walker alone with a few wights. This is their big chance to capture one of the wights and go back to Castle Black before any more come out of hiding.
The dream team take on the small group in the hope of completing their mission. In the battle sequence, Jon takes on the White Walker, and wins. With the win, the majority of the wights also die. This means that if a White Walker does die, it has a chain reaction with the wights he brought back to life.
Successfully capturing the wight, they bag him and tie him down. The wight has enough time to squeal out for help sending a calling message that he is in danger. Even with the Hound trying to shut him up, an echoing sound of soldiers near by starts to come out from caves.
The team suggest that Gendry run to get a raven to Daenerys for help, since he apparently is the fastest. A nervous moment occurs when Tormund asks Gendry for his hammer to battle it out, so he can run faster. We just hope he makes it without getting chased himself, as he needs to reunite with Arya.
The dream team have no choice but to all run for their lives. They end up running towards a frozen lake with a refugee island. As thousands of wights run, the impact is that it breaks the ice sending many plunging to the depths below.
The Magnificent Seven end up surrounded by thousands of the army all there to rescue their missing soldier, who is still captured by the dream team.

beyond the wall game of thrones
SOS. Source HBO

Heir to the throne

In Dragonstone, Tyrion is having an extremely important conversation with Daenerys. Tyrion discusses if anything were to happen to her, who will take her place. Obviously, Dany doesn’t have a husband at the moment and as a great battle could break out, Tyrion is actually smart in bringing light to this topic.
In this scene, the emphasis is that Dany is unable to have any children. If Dany thinks she is the only Targaryen left, who would actually take her place if she successfully takes over the Iron Throne?
Gendry’s message of the situation out beyond the wall is received. Daenerys, all dressed for winter, decides to fly to where the dream team are to rescue the Magnificent Seven.
Daenerys has a glorious wardrobe, and it is quite interesting to point out that she is not actually wearing a blue coat but rather a white coat. Maybe this is a connection to a predication about her being with Jon Snow.

Stuck beyond the wall

The dream team are still stranded on the island, surrounded by the army of the dead, freezing and unable to keep warm. Sadly, Thoros dies due to his wounds and the chilled air. Thus, the seven becomes six.
Thoros’ death impacts Beric far more than we realise, because if he dies in battle, there is no way Thoros is able to bring him back now with the Lord of Lights’ help.
The Hound, frustrated by the squealing wight, becomes over dramatic and ends up throwing a stone across the lake, which has refrozen over. The stone ends up landing right in front of a wight. The first thought is that, maybe as the wight is walking towards the island, it is a challenge. But it was an invitation to battle and they all start walking towards the dream team.
The invasion of the army of the dead, the team of 5 have an explosive battle ahead of them. The team battle it out in icy conditions, fighting the army with every force they can. Whilst in the battle Tormund gets smothered by some wights. The Hound feeling guilty, rescues Tormund, so they can fight together. As all hope looks like they will become soldiers of the army of the dead, Daenerys flies in with her dragons who aid in the battle. Daenerys lands close to the island to rescue the troops.


The Night King, seeing an opportunity to claim a dragon for himself, ends up targeting Viserion. The Night King, armoured with an ice spear and perfect aim, successfully hits Viserion, sending him instantly falling to his death.
The haunting scream echoes the heartbreak not just they feel, but the raw emotion Daenerys would be feeling losing one of her children.

Heartbreak. Source HBO

The dream team all get on Drogon, except for Jon. Jon, trying to be protective after what happened, is fighting wights that are approaching. He tells Dany to get out before anything else dramatic happens.
Jon falls victim to the wights, and ends up in the frozen lake. Jon comes to the surface alive. He slowly gets out, and is rescued by Uncle Benjen who orders him on to his horse and out of danger. They both should have got on the horse so we didn’t lose Uncle Benjen to the White Walkers.

Out to sea somewhere

This was the most iconic scene this season where fire and ice finally touch – literally. This scene also establishes the growing connection between Jon and Daenerys.

beyond the wall game of thrones
Together. Source HBO

Jon, rippled with a six-pack, is alive. Daenerys is there waiting by his side. Firstly, Jon apologises and ‘wishes he could take it back’. Daenerys continues by telling Jon she doesn’t, as she wouldn’t have seen the White Walkers. She also tells Jon the importance of the dragons to her and that they are her children because she can’t have any of her own.
After what the Night King has done it is now pay back time. Jon was very understanding and thanks ‘Dany’ for wanting to team up. Daenerys is not too fond of the nickname ‘Dany’, and Jon changes it to ‘my queen’. Jon finally ‘bends the knee’ to Daenerys.

Blue eyed dragon

Chains, long massive chains, appear out of nowhere to bring from beneath the surface the body of Viserion. As the Night King approaches the dragon, his unwelcoming touch instantly turns fire into ice.

beyond the wall game of thrones
Noooooooo. Source HBO

As time obviously has no barriers, the Night King must have been prepared with those massive chains ready for the capture. One big question I am wondering is, how will the Night King, who doesn’t even speak English let alone Dragon, control Viserion? I guess next week we will see a dramatic battle happen.

My Predictions for the last episode:

  • As Game of Thrones centres around a Song of Fire and Ice, my main prediction is about the dragons. In Episode Five Eastwatch, Drogon allowed Jon to pat him because he knows he is a Targaryen. As Jon symbolises ice, while Daenerys symbolises fire, I reckon Jon will end up with Viserion. The Night King will not be able to control the dragon, but when Jon comes face to face with The Night King he will gain control and have his own dragon.
  • Cersei, being sneaky, will have the mountain and a backup plan if anything goes wrong with the showdown of the most anticipated meeting in history.
  • Jon will find out his heritage before he kisses Daenerys.
  • Gendry will re-unite with Arya.
  • Arya will also realise that Sansa is a puppet in Littlefinger’s game. Arya will beat him at his own game.
  • Bran will be the one to drop a massive spoiler ready to start Seaon 8.

With only one lengthy episode to go until Winter is over, I wonder what predication will come true.
In the meantime check out this video of behind the scenes footage of the epic battle scene courtesy of HBO

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