Baldur’s Gate 3 Playtips: How To Get Past The First Area Like A Champ

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Want to beat the first area of Baldur’s Gate 3 in style? Don’t miss these handy tips – starring Off-brand Geralt!

First things first: If you’re having trouble running the game on Windows 7, check out this handy article for a possible solution.

Okay, I’ll hand you over to Off-brand Geralt now. Best of luck!

Baldur’s Gate 3 Playtips: Make A Character

Hi, I’m Off-brand Geralt!

You might recognise me from my work on The Witched, or maybe the card game Gwont.

The first thing you’ll need to do is make a character using the options available, because you obviously can’t make a character using unavailable options.

Then you’ll get the chance to customise your dream girl or boy or whatever.

You can make anyone you want with the available races. I couldn’t figure out how to make Monika from Doki Doki Literature Club so I made Off-brand Bodhi instead (which is a nice reference for all of you Baldur’s Gate II fans out there):

You won’t see them during the first area though, so don’t worry too much about it. Just know that the option is there.

Okay, let’s get onto the next part: Waking up.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Playtips: Waking up

The falling debris will wake you up, wake you up inside a biological ship run by Mind Flayers.

This is a good chance to practice player and camera movement because there are no enemies in this area. I’m sure you know the drill: Left-click on the ground to walk somewhere, left-click on an item to use it, and right-click on objects in your environment to bring up a context menu.

One thing to take note of in the room is this big blue noodle shell thingy here:

That’s free health, that is! Sure beats running around collecting herbs to make potions, am I right? Simply use it and you’re good as gold.

Next, look at the glowing patterns on the floor nearby. I think you’ll agree that they’re much more immersive than a giant arrow pointing somewhere, because that’s basically what they are.

Follow them.

Don’t worry about that fleshy-door thing (a phrase which is still somehow less gross than the much more accurate term of ‘sphincter’), it will open automatically – and no I don’t have a joke to make about that:

Go through the automatically-opening meatcircle and you’ll be in another room. Before you do anything, hold down the Alt key on your keyboard. This will show you most interactive objects, such as lootable bodies and random loot lying about the place.

Search the imps and see if they have anything useful, then check the room for various grenade-type items. PROTIP: Pressing Space Bar will do the same thing as the ‘Take All’ button when searching an inventory.

When you get to the middle of the room, you’ll hear a voice softly cooing something like ‘Help me – release me’.

If you want to inspect the source of that adorably creepy voice, here’s how you do it:

Even if you don’t want to go up there to check out the voice, you can still go up there and loot some chests. This is what the chests look like:

Head back down and exit the room.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Playtips: Finally outside but not for long

You’re outside! But not for long, so don’t get too excited.

You’ll soon come to a break in the path.

In the lower left area of your screen, you’ll notice an icon that will allow you to jump. Click the icon then choose where to land. Mind the gap!

When you get to the bottom of the slope, you’ll be accosted by a Githyanki warrior named Lae’zel, who will team up with you. This is unavoidable, presumably because she appears in all the advertising artwork for the game.

Fun Fact: Her name was different before release of the game, for some reason. Okay it wasn’t fun, but it was a fact.

Anyway, she’ll go on about having to get to the helm, by which she means ‘the control room of the ship’ and not some random helmet and also not the Forgotten Realms god named Helm.

When you head back inside, you’ll both face some imps. Unlike the previous batch of imps, these ones have the sheer audacity to still be alive. Don’t worry – we’re going to put a stop to that right now.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Playtips: Basic Combat

It helps to think of the combat as requiring three different resources:
– Movement
– Actions
– Bonus actions

Movement is, well, movement. Actions are things like attacking an enemy or using certain spells. Bonus actions are basically everything else, such as pushing an enemy or jumping (if you have enough movement points left)

Let’s examine how Lae’zel deals with the situation. First, she use her Movement resource to position herself, ready for battle:

Then, she uses an Action to attack an enemy:

Next, she could use a bonus action, such as dipping her weapon into a nearby patch of fire to gain a fire damage bonus, or shoving a nearby enemy.

She’s used up all her Movement and Actions and she has no useful Bonus Actions to perform, so she clicks on the ‘End Turn’ hourglass.

Now it’s my turn, and I do basically exactly what she did except I look much cooler while I do it. Normally, it would be polite to let the imps have a turn now, but we surprised them so we get to have another turn straight away. Naturally, we attack them again.

They respond with attacks of their own, most of which miss because imps are evil, which is another word for ‘bad’, which is presumably short for ‘bad at combat’ in their case.

For some reason, the imps have ignored the giant structure in the middle of the room. It sure would be over for them if we gained the high ground, so let’s do that:

Lae’zel climbs the boxes like some kind of loser. I, however, leap onto them like the complete winner that I am:

A few rounds later: BAM! – and the Imps are gone.

While looting I find a Longsword, so I equip that because it looks much cooler. As a nice bonus, it also does more damage:

We heal ourselves with the big blue noodle shell nearby , and head up stairs.

This leads us outside, but as the old saying almost goes: All roads lead to the helm. I’ll be glad when we get there, because maybe Lae’zel will stop nagging me about it.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Playtips: The Boss Battle That Isn’t A Boss Battle

You won’t need my help to get through this part.

Just use everything you’ve learned so far, and listen to your Githyanki friend. PROTIP: Don’t bother making a ‘Githyanki Doodle Dandy’ joke, she won’t get it.

I’ll leave you with one final tip, though. Your main concern should be getting to this weird looking thing here:

Okay, good luck – I’m off to choose between Off-brand Yennefer and Off-brand Triss. Remember: Toss some notes at your Witched – coins hurt and notes are usually worth more!

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