Is 3D Cinema Dead? We Take A Look At How 3D's Surviving

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Remember the good old days when we actually wanted to pay extra to wear uncomfortable paper glasses and have fake images thrown at your head?

Ahhh, the good old days. But are those days really over? Are 3D movies actually dead? And does that mean we need to accept the fact that Shark Boy and Lava Girl might not actually be real?

Let’s Explore.

Avatar, hd wallpapers
Avatar. Source: HD Wallpapers

Ever since James Cameron’s Avatar exploded onto the big screen in fantastical fashion, 3D has never quite been the same.

Seven years on and studios are still investing in three dimensional films, exhausting a (what once was) amazing feat.
By now, most people have fathomed up some sense and realise that the latest 3D films are not worth the extra buck or two (or seven). Nor are most people nowadays willing to put on an uncomfortable, ill-fitting, pair of cheap 3D glasses – especially ones that fit over your regular prescriptions and ride all the way down to the tip of your shnoz, dipping in the hay-fever infested pool of snot. But surely when the movie starts this is all forgotten amongst the encapsulating array of visual brilliance? Well, not necessarily.

Beowulf, wall alpha coders
Beowulf. Source: Wall Alpha Coders.

These days, 3D films do not even seem as though they are intended to be in 3D, incorporating merely the occasional effect and a lingering depth of field that seems more awkward than exciting. Movies have become more about looking genuine and real than an all hands on deck blown out of proportion effects performance. And there is reason for it.

A brief history of 3D movies

The early 2000s were home to some of the finest, yet most ridiculous 3D films in history. Leading up to Avatar, 3D films used to be all about excessive things being thrown at you and really unnecessary and extravagant use of props, making cinema-goers feel more like they were in a carnival showground than a movie theatre.

The wonders of 3D glasses...
The wonders of 3D glasses…

The cheesy effects and cheap gags made watching these hilarious and fun. I enjoyed occasionally paying an extra charge to come out of the cinema and say “what the hell was that? It didn’t even make sense!” only to realise in hindisight how much fun those 1 and a half hours actually were.

Do they still make 3D movies?

Today, the novelty of 3D is gone. The early 2000s thrived on new experiences. There was a childish thrill in putting on those crazy looking blue and red glasses and peering around at your friends laughing to deliver the over-used joke: “OMG you look 3D with these on!” Nowadays, anything remotely similar to this is just irritating, and the buzz of 3D is, sadly, tired and quickly disappearing.
So what do you think: are 3D movies well and truly dead? Maybe you can persuade me otherwise. Either comment or send me a message if you want to convince me that 3D movies are not a lost art.

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